Cloud Atlas

Posted: June 13, 2013 in Op-ed, Reviews, Uncategorized
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I was very anxious to see this movie from the time I heard about it going into pre production. The concept alone was enough to pique my interest but the fact that the Wachowskis were involved as well as some of the most talented names in Hollywood cemented my desire to see it. Unfortunately, I missed it during its theatrical run and the skeptic in me wouldn’t allow me to spend my hard earned money on the Blu-Ray. I was finally able to sit down and watch a rental last night.

For those unfamiliar, the basic concept is that a soul can be reborn multiple times as different sexes, nationalities, and across hundreds of years. The basic storyline is 6 stories set in different times and places, that somehow all tie together, that tell the story of one soul. This film has the potential to be an impressively disorganized sloppy mess, fortunately though it’s not.

Spread across hundreds of years, and telling the six stories all at the same time miraculously avoiding being muddled and impossible to comprehend. The stories are even told in different genres with drama, action, comedy, Sci-Fi, and mystery all being represented very successfully. The actors all do a tremendous job at playing very different multiple roles still managing to avoid a train wreck. Tom Hanks in particular does a fantastic job in this movie, would you really expect any less?

I cannot stress enough how amazed I am that this film is coherent and avoids being messy. This film can be visually stunning at times and heartbreaking or even funny at others. Clocking in at just under 3 hours, it never gets boring. If anything, I would’ve been fine watching another hour or maybe even more. Also it not just a “watch once and ignore for the rest of your life” good film, it’s a multiple viewings type film.

In summary, I really, truly loved this film. It was everything I hoped it would be and more. It made me laugh at times and cry at others. It always left me wondering what would happen next and how the stories would eventually tie in. It’s obvious to me now that this film will take multiple viewings to truly understand and be able to explain in depth, but that’s just fine with me. This film is definitely worth buying and gets a 5/4(yes you read that right). Enjoy.


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