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It should come as no surprise that we here at YDKSAF are fans of the Zombie genre and are awaiting the coming apocalypse with bug out bags packed and ready. What may be surprising is that we haven’t taken the time to discuss it here. Well friends I’ve come here to do two things: chew bubble gum and talk about The Walking Dead…and I’m all out of bubble gum.

For those of you out there that haven’t caught up with the rest of us, I’m going to try and do this without spoiling anything from this past season. If you haven’t been following our favorite biter beaters, nows your chance to catch up and join the rest of us as we learn how to survive in a world where the dead may not be the worst monsters out there.

Each week The Walking Dead takes us into a world where who you were no longer matters. All that matters is who you are now and who you are now better be handy at taking down walkers, if you’re gonna run with Rick and his group as they try to reclaim some sense of a normal life. Thankfully any sense of normalcy keeps getting snatched away from their grip because none of us want to watch Farmer Rick tend to crops. No we want Bad Ass Rick slangin dick, saving peoples asses and bashing heads…be they zombie or dumbass.

We love The Walking Dead because it makes you care about the people. From week to week we watch as they struggle to survive and we plan and learn from their mistakes. Because when the shit goes down there will be two main groups of people: those that weren’t prepared and us, the ones that have been waiting for years. The ones of us that read the story about a man eating another mans face in Florida and wondered why someone didn’t just shoot the fucker in the head. Sure our friends laugh at us…now.

When The Walking Dead returns this fall for its fifth season join us for our weekly recap, till next time friends, Stay entertained.




If you are like me then this is the film that launched your love of the undead. And whats not to love about corpses coming back to life with the most basic of primal instincts, the need to feed. I was eleven the first time I watched this film. It was around Halloween and my older brothers were staying up to catch it on the late show. After bugging them into letting watch it with them, I also had my first memorable nightmare that night. They were coming to get me…and they did. It wasn’t until many viewings and years later that I picked up on the social commentary of the film, which made me enjoy it on a whole new level. Lets take a ride…

A nice ride out to the graveyard to visit a fathers final resting place goes bad for brother and sister, Johnny and Barbra, when reanimated corpses rise from the grave and seek to feed on the living. If you’ve never seen this film then this is a great time of the year to give it a watch. As always I’ll try not to spoil anything for you but honestly theres not much to spoil. A group of people wind up at a farmhouse trying to survive the living dead until help can arrive, some are assholes, tensions mount and the dead keep coming. The true colors of the time shine through in the message behind the movie.

Five years shy of celebrating its fiftieth anniversary, Night of the Living Dead is still one of the most influential films of the genre. Filmed in 1968 on a low budget with minimal special effects and actors that weren’t mainstream, this movie could have slunk to the bottom of the B-movie graveyard but instead it bit and clawed its way to the top and remains one of the best films I’ve ever watched. One of my top three horror and top five films, Night of the Living Dead gets a rating of: Watch it, Love it, Own it. Till next time, stay entertained friends.



“The soil of a mans heart is stonier”

This is one of those rare movies that creeps me out just as much now, as I sit here re-watching it for this review, as it did years ago when I first viewed it. All those years ago when I thought it’d be a great idea to wait until late at night, turn off the lights and give this film its first watch. This is also one of those rare films that I think was adapted really well from the book, which as a fan of Stephen Kings work, I rarely get to say. If you haven’t watched this movie or read the story I’ll try to keep it spoiler free…

“Each buries his own”

It’s the story of the Creed family and the bad things that happen after they move into the house across the road from Herman Munster. You know things aren’t going to end well for them when they haven’t moved in yet and already the tire swing breaks and the youngest tries to wander into the road. From there their friendly neighbor Jud offers to take them on a hike down the creepy path that ends in rainbows and cupcakes, no thats a different film, this path ends in buried pets and heartaches. Turns out the road the separates Jud and the Creeds house is responsible for the Pet Sematary at the end of the path. The family cat ends up dead and Jud thinks its a great idea to show Louis aka Big Daddy Creed, an old indian burial ground where the dead will return from. Great idea Jud, considering every time its been tried before it didn’t end well but maybe this time will be different. It’s not…
“Sometimes, dead is better”

Two actors really stand out in this film, the first being Fred Gwynne, better know as Herman Munster. Gwynne brings a lot of emotion to a character that could have easily been played as the “old fart” across the road but Gwynne delivers a performance that makes you care about ole Jud. The other performance is delivered by Miko Hughes as Gage Creed, the youngest of the Creed clan and (content removed due to not wanting spoil ANYTHING for those that know nothing about this book or film.) that still creeps me right the hell out.

“Now I want to play with you”

Pet Sematary is one of those great horror films that stands up to multiple viewings. The special effects are exactly what you’d expect from an eighties film and With the King himself adapting the screenplay it stays close to the source material and really brings the scares without a lot of gore. There are some gotcha moments that will get your adrenaline pumping. It easily makes it into my top twenty horror films and thats why I give Pet Sematary a rating of: Don’t Watch Before Bedtime.



Zombies. The Walking Dead. The Undead. Geeks. Whatever you call them, America has a fascination with them and so do I. It started the same way most every zombiephile got started, with a man named Romero and a little film he made by the name of Night of the Living Dead. After that film sunk it’s teeth into my brain I was infected for life.

Before I get to involved writing about The Man, I have to remind myself that I came here today to talk with you about a book. The New Dead. A zombie anthology. Nineteen authors, each bringing their own spin to the idea that dead isn’t always forever.

I sought out this book for two authors, Joe Hill and Max Brooks but was pleasantly surprised by the rest. There are stories of love in the time of zombies, a retelling of the biblical story of Lazarus from his point of view, a story told entirely through twitter posts and even a little necrophilia. Digging into this book each time I kept finding it harder to crawl out, each story warrants its own review but for now let me say, if you love zombies, you’ll love this book.

A great read for fans of the genre and surprisingly good and emotional for a collection of stories revolving around reanimated corpses. Its short, its sweet, its my first book review and I give The New Dead a very strong rating of: Buy it for your bookshelf. Stay entertained friends.


As a huge horror fan, zombies in particular, it’s pointless to say how excited I’ve been about World War Z since it was first announced and staring Brad Pitt nonetheless. Then came the onslaught of rumors about how the production was troubled, rewrites, re-shoots, and pretty much anything else that could go wrong in a big budget film. That sort of killed my buzz for the whole thing a little bit. When the positive reports finally began to trickle in, I started to get excited again. Then the trailers hit and my excitement was multiplied. It’s a little late, but I finally got to watch it today so here goes nothing. I’ll do my best not to drop any spoilers.

The film starts with a typical set up introducing Brad Pitt’s character and his family. Pitt plays Gerry Lane, a former UN employee and apparently a stay at home dad, who is going about life as usual when things start to get a little strange. The reports of a global virus out break come and the action jumps off pretty quickly. Once the pace is set, it doesn’t let up for the remaining two hours.

Now, this isn’t your typical zombie flick. It adds a whole extra continent hopping world adventure element to this horror/thriller. Brad Pitt brings a certain down to earth, everyman element to the main protagonist character which is something usually missing from this genre. After a trip around the world, and some amazing visuals, with no shortage of scares this well crafted thriller reaches its end and leaves the viewer begging for more.

World War Z is a fast paced, effective horror thriller. A great script backed by stellar cast make this film well worth watching. For fans of films like 28 Days Later and Dawn of The Dead (2004) this film is right up your alley. If you’re in the mood for a scary good time your money could not be better spent. WWZ did not disappoint at all and I am hopeful about a sequel. This one gets 5/5.