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Attention Friends

Posted: April 1, 2014 in Movies, Op-ed
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Hello friends,

We have an announcement to make today. Starting today we will exclusively be covering films from The Asylum Production Company and SyFy Films. We feel that the overall cinematic direction of these companies is the future of the film industry. Films like Transmorphers, Shark Vs. Octopus,  and Sharknado need to be acknowledged. They need to be recognized for their technical achievements, their revolutionary special effects, and the overall quality of the films.

We really feel that the industry needs to stand up and recognize the talent of the actors and actresses that star in these films and start including them in awards show nominations. It’s appalling how much these companies get ignored by Hollywood amd the general public. From now on we will be doing our part to promote awareness for these underrated and under appreciated cinematic masterpieces by only covering them. Thank you for your support friends we hope you will help us spread the word.


P.S. April Fools.