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To answer the question that’s been keeping you all awake at night, I shed no tears during Man Of Steel. There were some heart warming moments but none that had me wiping away tears from underneath my 3D glasses. Speaking of 3D, let’s jump in.

If you haven’t watched this film yet and are considering watching it in 3D, allow me to attempt to save you a couple of bucks. I honestly didn’t feel that the 3D brought anything to the film that couldn’t have been enjoyed just as much in 2D. To the good stuff.

Going to try my best to keep this as spoiler free as possible friends.

In the beginning, Kal-El was born. It’s an origin story we all know and the writers handle it well. A child is born, a world is dying, let’s send him to earth and hope that a kind, loving couple will find him and raise him as their own. With the childhood years told in flashbacks the story never gets bogged down by character development, which so many comic book adaptations tend to do. But not here friends, no, here the story is quick paced and entertaining, filled with action packed battles and even a laugh or two. Now to the actors.

I won’t waste your time or bore you here by giving you a play by play review of every actors performance. Let me hit the high points: Henry Cavill was an excellent choice for the Man Of Steel, as he was able to convince me that a man with god-like powers could still be a humble Kansas farm boy at heart. Watching Russell Crowe embody Jor-El had me at one point wanting to shout “Are you not entertained?”. This is the part where I have to glance up and remind myself that I wasn’t going to review every performance and force myself to move on. I enjoyed everyones performance and felt the casting choices were spot on. Michael Shannon as General Zod brought a bit of humanity to the Kryptonian villain…damn it there I go again…

And heres the wrap up. Man Of Steel kept me entertained for the near two and a half hour running time it clocked in at. I think it was a great way to reboot the Superman franchise and hopefully the first lead in to The Justice League movie we’ve been promised and anxiously awaiting for years. For those of you like me that sit through the end credits of every movie I’ll save you some time and let you know there is nothing after the credits, stand up and leave with the rest.

Man Of Steel gets a strong: Catch it in theaters(but in 2D). Hope you enjoy it friends.