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Okay Potter fans, this is the beginning of the end. There is not much happiness and joy to be found at this point in the series. Main characters are dead and the gang have been forced to grow up very quickly in light of the events of the last couple of films. At this point, youth and it’s pursuits are long gone and in it’s place are will power and determination.

Following the events of Half Blood Prince, the gang are on the run in search of Horcruxes. Hogwarts and the ministry are being taken over by those loyal to Voldemort and the gang can’t return. Their new mission brings new dangers and forces them to get creative in their search. Much like Half Blood Prince, this film ends on a really negative note for the gang with Voldemort gaining a key advantage and one of the sadest moments of the entire series.

Much like Harry, the franchise has matured so much at this point. As the films have delved into darker and more personal material, they have become more complex. The gang is almost at the end of their story and things are really only downhill from here. This is the perfect setup for the epic conclusion. Deathly Hallows is my favorite installment of the series despite the saddest loss of the series. You most definitely have to watch the other six films to really understand what is going on, but it is worth it for these last two installments if nothing else.

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