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Ok guys, I’ve been pretty up front with my love for over the top action flicks. They are the type of films I grew up on. When I was a kid, Schwarzenegger,  Stallone, and Willis were the biggest action stars around and it seemed like every other movie that came out had one or the other of them in it. Then they got old, became governors, or moved on to other types of roles. Then a few years ago, Schwarzenegger and Willis made cameo appearances in Stallone’s The Expendables making action flick fanboys go nuts. I mean, the three biggest action stars from the 80’s in the same film? It was awesome. Finally, Schwarzenegger stepped down as governor and reignited his film career with full force. Last years The Last Stand totally lived up to my expectations for Ahhhnold’s return and I was really looking forward to this team up.

Stallone stars as Ray Breslin, a man who works under cover for the government breaking out of maximum security prisons to show their flaws. After accepting a deal that is pretty fucking sketchy from the start, he ends up in a supermax prison called The Tomb that is meant to make its inmates disappear from society permanently and naturally, he is trapped. He befriends Schwarzenegger’s Rottmayer and the two begin to hatch their plan for escape. Some pretty significant revelations come to light and naturally, some pretty big action sequences are included.

Long story short, I FUCKING LOVED THIS MOVIE. It was everything that I wanted it to be and more. Instead of trying to avoid the slightly cheesy 80’s action movie clichĂ©s, this flick embraces them and wears them like a badge of honor, almost making them cool. Stallone and Schwarzenegger and stone cold bad asses together with enough swagger to fuel a small country. Naturally, there is an awesome scene where Schwarzenegger pulls a mounted machine gun off of a helicopter while giving a really intense look and starts mowing down the enemy with it. True badassery defined.

Some parts of the story line are slightly cliche. Some of the dialogue is kind of cheesy and some of the performances are a little over the top, but none of that matters. This is such a goddamn good movie it makes you forget about all of that. For an explosive good time give this movie a watch. Til next time…

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This movie has been around and been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. Much like it is for many other people, it is very special for me. This is one of the first movies that I really remember watching WITH my mom and not just dragging her/being dragged to. My mom is pretty much the main reason I am as big of a cinephile as I am and this movie is the main catalyst in sparking that obsession.

Even from a young age I knew that there was something special about this movie. There were so many deeply rooted themes and sentiments that were completely lost on my eight year old self but nonetheless, I knew it meant something. Over the years I have viewed this film countless times and it is a different experience every time. I always pick up some new nuance here or meaningful look there but, it never gets old.

I always have and always will love this film. It is a permanent entry on my all time top ten favorites list. I am very thankful for this film and to my mom for letting me watch such an inappropriate film for an eight year old way back when it was first released on VHS. This is one of only a handful of films that she and I actually agree on. I am also incredibly thankful as well that we have that to discuss and bond over. Till next time friends…


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Women’s prison. Those two words by themselves are enough to capture the attention of most hetero males age fourteen to the grave, but once you’ve brought them in with promises of T&A and lesbianic shower scenes, will it be enough to keep them locked in for longer than five minutes…surprisingly yes

I’ll be honest with you friends, I had all intentions of giving this one a pass, that is until I came across it under the “New Release” tab and saw it was labeled as a comedy. I’m always looking for a good laugh so I figured what the hell, it’s either this or I waste thirty minutes trying to figure out what to watch. While there are some laughable moments, a comedy this is not but an enjoyable watch it is…let’s dive in.

It’s a tale as old as time: boy meets girl and the two fall in love, they become engaged and then the girl has to go away and serve fifteen months in the joint for some stupid shit she did for a girl she was once in love with, heartwarming isn’t it.

Taylor Shilling turns in an amazing performance as Piper, the new fish thrown in with the sharks and left to drown. Larry played by Jason Biggs, in possibly his best non pie raping performance, is the fiancĂ© having to get by with phone calls, visitations and edging. Speaking of actors from that particular coming of age movie, we also have Natasha Lyonne as Nicky, a junkie with mommy issues, who’s waiting to welcome Piper to the big house. And then theres Laura Prepon as Alex, the lesbian love interest that got Piper into this mess in the first place. There are so many great performances in this series but one of my favorites has to be Uzo Aduba as Crazy Eyes, I can’t wait to get into her back story. I apologize to the actors I haven’t mentioned here but hopefully knowing I enjoyed your performances equally as well will help you sleep at night.

I watched all thirteen episodes in about four days. It was well written, directed, acted and I was a little disappointed when I reached the end of season one but look forward to season two.

Hopefully I’ve given you enough without giving too much away.

Orange is the New Black gets a rating of “Consume it on Netflix”. Stay entertained friends.