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“Keep Moving Forward”

A motto of Walt Disney and the driving theme behind Meet The Robinsons, three words reminding us that theres no sense dwelling in the past, the future is waiting for us and the only way to get there is if we keep moving forward.

The wife and I first gave this a watch in theaters in 2007 and it quickly became a favorite of ours. It was date night, we had just left our favorite sushi place and were discussing what to do next. I asked the same question I always do, “wanna see a movie?” and she answered in her usual way, “wellll, whats playing?” We went through our usual back and forth: can’t stand her, well what about, no way Brad Pitt is in that, we could watch, meh… And then we spotted Meet The Robinsons and in 3D no less. We both love Disney’s animated movies so we were sold, we grabbed the tickets and refreshments and kept moving forward…until we found our seats. By the films end we had both laughed and shed a tear or two, damn you Rob Thomas with your touching lyrics capturing the moment.

If you’ve never given this film a chance heres what you’re missing: Meet The Robinsons tells the story of Lewis, an orphan with a knack for inventing who longs for a family of his own. After his latest failed adoption interview, he decides to invent a memory scanner so he can search his memories and see what his mother looks like in hopes of finding her. After a mishap at the science fair involving Wilbur the time traveling teen, The Bowler Hat Guy and his mechanical bowler hat Doris, Lewis decides to give up inventing. Back at the orphanage Lewis heads up to the roof where Wilbur is waiting to rebuild his confidence or if that fails give him a ride to the future where he actually Meets The Robinsons. A food fight, some singing frogs, a dinosaur and an awesome chase later and we wrap it up with a happy ending.

“These twists and turns of fate”

Meet The Robinsons is one of my all time favorite animated films, it has a great story, beautiful animation and a wonderful soundtrack featuring Rob Thomas, Rufus Wainwright, Danny Elfman and The All-American Rejects to name a few. It connects with us on a personal level and even teaches us that in order to move forward we need to let that shit go. For the above mentioned and it possibly being my favorite movie memory that I share with my wife, I’m thankful for Meet The Robinsons. Till next time friends, stay entertained.


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