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It’s a question many of us have asked ourselves and our friends over the years. I mean sure we had that one guy a couple of years back, but the moment he slipped into that suit with the nipples he became a joke. See that’s the problem with introducing Robin into the Batman universe. The moment you do it detracts from the seriousness of the movies. Suddenly you have this kid running around in green and red drumming up memories of the “BANG” “POW” “BOP” Batman of the sixties.

“Holy rusted metal Batman!” Paying homage to the past can be a great thing if done properly and as much as I enjoy Batman Forever for it’s call back to the sixties Batman, the way it handled the character of Robin was the first strikes on the nails to the coffin that nearly killed the franchise. Batman and Robin was the hammer that sealed that coffin for nearly a decade.

Okay so it was only eight years, but a decade sounds so much more dramatic so we’re going to go with that.

For nearly a decade we waited patiently. Surviving only on the occasional rumor of which actor they would get to play Batman. We heard everything from Joshua Jackson to the future Superman Henry Cavill. Even Jake Gyllenhaal was batted around our imaginations before our thirst was final quenched with the announcement of Christian Bale as the caped crusader. Which people of course bitched about like they do with every announcement of every actor that has been cast in the role. With a new Batman cast, Christopher Nolan at the helm, and a villain we had never seen on the big screen we waited patiently to see if they would take a chance on our favorite sidekick.

For three films we waited. For seven years we wondered if he would make an appearance. There was much speculation as to who would play The Boy Wonder if the role was written into The Nolanverse, but in the end we were left with a halfhearted suggestion  at the possibility of the chance that John Blake would carry on the work of The Batman as possibly Robin or Nightwing in a movie that all of us knew was never coming.

It would be four years before we would look up into the night sky and see the Batsignal again. The next mention of Robin came in Batman v. Superman, and it came in the form of a graphited costume incased in plexiglass leading us to believe that Dick Grayson had moved on to become Nightwing and that poor Tim Drake had met his fate at the hands of The Joker.

So will we ever get the Robin we deserve? I choose to remain hopeful that at some point in the future they will find way to bring the character into the story, but chances are it will be the Death in the Family story line. I mean after all they wouldn’t want Robin cluttering up the universe for very long. That just another character to get in the way, and they already have trouble balancing the ones they have.

So to answer the question: Yes and No.

Yes there will be mention of Robin, and he may even pop up from time to time. Don’t look for him to hang around for very long though, and I’m kind of okay with that. If they did the Death in the Family story and really dug into it, then they could possibly get at least two really strong movies.

No, sadly kiddies I really believe that Robin will never stick around long enough to become  a card carrying member of the Justice League. He’s good for a story here and there, maybe, but if you add him to the mix full time then he would distract from Batman too much, and possibly confuse the audience that may be unfamiliar with the character. I know that sounds crazy, but there are some people out there that only know Batman from the movies. Plus DC/Warner Bros. has issues when they have more than one main character in a movie.

We must hold on to our hope that one day they will find a way to bring the Boy Wonder in to the fold. Even if they wanted to do a solo Nightwing movie I think we’d all be cool with that. They could skip the origin story and just dive into it head first. Thankfully we now live in a world that gives us multiple comic book movies each year so we have lots to keep us busy until then. Till next time friends, stay entertained 


Significant Shit

Posted: April 14, 2014 in Movies, Op-ed, Reviews
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Hey guys, nothing too in depth just kinda wanted to drop a line and recognize some noteworthy films I had seen lately. Some new, some not so new but all worth your time/money. So here we go…

American Hustle
The Wolf Of Wall Street
Dallas Buyers Club
Out Of The Furnace
Delivery Man
47 Ronin
Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues
12 Years A Slave
The Counselor.

Planning on dropping some in depth posts on a few of these but for now, time is of the essence. Til next time friends…


I ventured into the world of Harry Potter one evening after searching through the aisles of a local video store and finding nothing else that caught my eye. At the time I had no real interest in the wizarding world. Sure I was aware of the popularity of the Potter. I had seen the lines of parents and children, dressed in costume outside of bookstores waiting for the midnight release of each new novel. The same was seen outside theaters with the release of each film but for some reason I had skipped over these films. After that night I was a fan.

If you’ve never given this film a chance I’ll try not to spoil it for you here, off we go…

Harry is an orphan being raised by a couple of assholes along side their own asshole child. They treat him awfully until one day a letter arrives for Harry, one which Aunt and Uncle Asshole don’t want him to see. They destroy it and another arrives and the cycle continues, with the number of letters multiplying, until they pack up and head off to a shack on an island. There in the middle of the night we’re introduced to Hagrid and find out that Harry is a wizard. From there its magical surprises, creatures and places at nearly every turn.

While I did arrive late to Platform 9 3/4 I’m happy to say I didn’t miss the train entirely. I was able to catch up on the first four films before hitting the theater for the rest. Along the way I started reading the books, avoiding each until I had watched the corresponding film. That way, everything that the people who had read the books first and were pissed about, I viewed those same occurrences as little surprises.

Don’t avoid these films because you’ve dismissed them as “kids stuff”, it’s true the books were aimed at a younger audience but thankfully J.K. Had the good sense to make them fun for adults too.Till next time friends, stay entertained.



Talking Kevin Smith

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If you’ve read anything we’ve posted this month then its no secret that Kevin Smith is one of our favorite directors/storytellers. Not only has he entertained us with his films but his Q&A’s and multiple podcasts have provided us with hours of laughs as well as an insight to his world. Easily he makes it to the top of the list of the hardest working lazy film makers in the business. We here at YDKSAF couldn’t think of a better way to end to our month long discussion of Mr. Smith than to include an excerpt from our interview with Kevin Smith. That would have been wonderful, the only trouble with that is we’re a small blog/website and Kevin Smith is far beyond our reach. That being said friends I decided to go ahead and do the interview with my cousin who’s name just happens to be Kevin. So here you are friends, my interview with A Kevin Smith…

D. Smith: Thanks for taking the time to sit down and talk to us Kev, I know you got a lot going on.

Kevin Smith: No problem cuz. You got beer?

DS: So this year Clerks celebrates twenty years since having been birthed from your directorial loins, how, do you feel, you have changed as a film maker in that time?

KS: I told you I wasn’t going to do this when you asked me D. I told you that there was no way I was going to answer questions like A-list director Kevin Smith and you said “thats cool, come hang out anyway”

DS: Right on, right on. So Clerks is sold and now they want to give you a considerably bigger budget to make Mallrats, how did that influence your decisions on casting?

KS: Look, you said we were going to hang out, watch some movies, drink some beer and maybe play some Xbox. Can we please just stop this shit and see whats on netflix…you know this is why no one else in the family talks to you anymore.

DS: Wow, I would haver never thought that about Jason Lee, wild story. Next up was Chasing Amy, arguably one of your best films and again you used personal experiences as the basis for your story. Was it hard seeing intimate moments from your life acted out?

KS: Well as I’ve said before, I’ll watch Affleck read the fucking phone book, thats just how good of an actor that cat is….

For the rest of the interview you’ll have to wait until my cousin is speaking to me again or we score a chat with the actual Kevin Smith.

Well friends that about does it for now from the View Askewniverse. Many thanks to all of you out there for giving two shits about the things we write about, we’ll try to keep it interesting. Till next time friends, stay entertained


In 1995 two important things happened in my life, three if you count graduating from high school. I was working at one of those independent video stores that used populate small towns across the country and I loved it. It was amazing, I watched movies all day at work, took movies home for free and the best part was the screeners. If your unfamiliar with screeners, they are the copies of movies that are sent to video stores so the owner can decide if they wish to buy and stock it on their shelves and they came about a month before the movie was released publicly which meant I got to see the new releases early…I still get chills thinking about it.

The reason I mention this is that the two important things came in the form of screeners. One was Pulp Fiction and the other was Clerks. Written and directed by Kevin Smith and responsible for opening my eyes to the world of independent films. its also the reason we’ve gathered you all here for our month long spotlight on Kevin Smith.

For twenty years Kevin Smith has been making a living by keeping me entertained, although thats probably just a side effect of his true intentions of doing something he’s passionate about and feeding his family. But it still remains true, for the past twenty years I have been entertained by this gentleman. I’ve enjoyed his entire body of work, yes even Jersey Girl, which I think is one of his better ventures outside of the View Askewniverse.

The main reason I’ve enjoyed his work for so many years is simple, Kevin Smith is an amazing storyteller. He gives you characters you can relate to and care about, characters you wanna hang out with, maybe grab a beer or get freshly baked. The yarns he spins are like the beautiful girl with a heart of gold and a filthy fucking mouth thats goodly enough to let you do weird things to her and even shares your twisted sense of humor.

It’s not just his movies that demonstrate his storytelling prowess. If you’ve ever caught one of his Q&A’s then you know how he can captivate an audience for hours. Answering a simple question could take all night but you don’t care because he has dragged you into his world, a world where the fantastic melds with the mundane and when its all said and done you’re left wanting more. He gives you a peak behind the curtain, a glimpse at how the magic is made and you get the feeling that making a movie with Kevin Smith is more fun than work.

So join us friends as we discuss the films of one of our favorite directors, Kevin Smith as he celebrates twenty years of making pretend for our enjoyment and the twentieth anniversary of Clerks as he takes it back where it all began, with a midnight showing at the Sundance Film Festival. Congratulations Mr. Smith and till next time friends, Snoogins.


My Favorites From 2013

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Well friends, 2013 is almost over. It has been a year filled with tragedy, triumph, happiness, sorrow, and the loss of some pretty great entertainers. We started this very blog, now website, in May and the response has been stellar (thanks to all of you for that). Ultimately though, it was a pretty good year for the arts. We got some good films and some good albums and it looks like 2014 is shaping up to be a pretty good year. That being said, what follows are some of my favorite films and albums of 2013. Theyre in no particular order and it won’t be anything in depth, just some stuff I dug. I hope you enjoy and most of all I hope it leads you to discover.

Iron Man 3
Star Trek: Into Darkness
The Heat
Man Of Steel
World War Z
The Conjuring
Fast and Furious 6
The Hunger Games: Catching Fire
Thor: The Dark World
The Purge
Olympus Has Fallen
2 Guns
The Great Gatsby

The Arcade Fire-Reflektor
Ghost B.C.-Infestissumam
A Day To Remember-Common Courtesy
Avenged Sevenfold-Hail To The King
Alice In Chains-The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here
Eminem-Marshall Mathers LP2
Katy Perry-Prism (thats right, no shame)
Terror-Live By The Code
Killswitch Engage-Disarm The Descent
Elton John-The Diving Board

There you have it, some of my favorite flicks and tunes from 2013. I hope you guys all had a great year. I hope you had a great year entertainment wise as well and hopefully, our little blog led you to discover something new. Heres to another great year in 2014. Til next time friends


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We’re digging deep tonight friends, way back to 1947, back when Macys department store had the real Santa in their Thanksgiving day parade. I remember the first time I watched this film with my grandfather, I started off thinking it was going to suck. There were no cartoons, it was in black and white and I’m pretty sure I had a cold or the flu that day, which always made me extra sonofabitchy. Grandpa quietened me down with a bowl of chicken noodle soup and wrapped a quilt around me. My grandpa taught me something that day, he taught me that I should give everything a chance, at least watch a little while before deciding its not for me…thanks grandpa…and now on to the show.

Kris Kringle shows up at Macys on the day of their big parade and finds the man playing him drunk. Ole Kris is pissed to say the least and rats the drunk out to the boss. They let Kris take over and he does so well they offer to let him play the role in the store. There he meets a smallish girl that has been raised by her mother to not believe in fairy tales and junk. The girls mother insist that he tell her daughter that he isn’t the real Santa Claus but he remains steadfast, insisting that he is indeed the jolly old elf. Some want him fired others love the old guy and somehow we end up in court. By the end its all sleigh bells and sugar plums.

Miracle on 34th Street was a favorite to watch with my grandpa, every year until he passed we watched it and those times are some of my best memories with him. I’ve never bothered watching the remake, could be better or worse but the one for me is this one because it takes me back. For that reason and some others, Miracle on 34th Street get a ranking of: If Thats Normal, I Don’t Want It. Till next time freinds, stay entertained.