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We’re in the home stretch, Thanksgiving is just days away and as people are preparing to trample one another to save a few bucks, we offer you another movie we’re thankful for and like the rest, this one comes with a story…

My mother had a strong hand in developing my love of film, by which I mean she was responsible for driving me to the video store so I could paw over the new releases. Weekends were the best. Weekends meant we rented more movies and could stay up later but Ma had a rule: we could get whatever we wanted but she got to pick out one film we watched as a family. That meant I could see any of the latest action packed, bad guy busting, alien chasing, two hour long, adrenaline filled, partial nudity having, nightmare inducing slugfest that I wanted but I would have to sit through something (usually an everybody cries at the end chick flick) that ma wanted to see and my mother loved Julia Roberts. I can’t tell you how many times we sat through Mystic Pizza or Steel Magnolias but her favorite was Pretty Woman. In case you’ve never given it a watch, heres how it goes.

Once upon a time there was a successful business man named Edward who went for a drive, got lost and hired a prostitute. At first Edward just needed someone to listen to him but of course there was some sex, I mean he paid her three grand for a week. He gives her some spending money and sends her out to shop while he’s trying to close a big deal. They laugh, they learn from one another and of course theres that moment when we’re led to believe theres no happy ending for this good hearted street walker but of course Edward rides in and our hearts are warmed.

Before I wrap this up I want to share with you the original plot for this film. In the beginning it was titled 3000, as in the three thousand dollars for a week with a drug addicted hooker with a foul mouth. Both characters were horrible people and at the end of the week he dumped her back on the street where he found her, so it was based more in reality. It went through many rewrites before it became the “happy hooker finds love” story my mother loved and I’m pretty sure she would have never let us watch Pretty Woman if it hadn’t.

This film was one of my moms favorites and I’ve watched it with her numerous times. I don’t hate this film but can’t say I share her love of it. The reason I’m thankful for Pretty Woman, its the last movie I remember watching with my mother before she passed away. Ma gave me an appreciation for Dramas and Rom/Coms and I’m thankful for that, till next time friends, stay entertained.