17 Days: Part 3

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Day 9 or is it day 10?…

Still no sleep. I boarded all of the windows and barricaded the doors, but I still don’t feel safe. I heard noises outside…I heard what they were saying. They’re plotting against me, I know it. The people I’ve always assumed were normal, quiet neighbors are plotting to kill me.

I’ve developed a system for eating and using the bathroom so I don’t have to leave my bedroom anymore. I’ve blocked the door in here too. I found a few things in the house besides my baseball bat to use as a means of protection.  I would like to see them try to get me now.

That goddamn spoon. It’s wrecked my whole life. I haven’t been to work since I found it. What the Fuck is that smell? I be they’re probably trying to get me to come out by piping in this smell. I should really call work. Fuck,  my phone is still dead…


17 Days: Part 2

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Day 6

It’s been almost a week now since I found it. It might as well have been a bloody knife laying on the counter. Whoever left it there will be back, I just know it. I’m going to catch them when they do.

I’ve been patrolling the house almost constantly since it happened. I wonder if they’ve tampered with my food? I’ve been leaving all of the doors inside the house open so they can’t hide from me if they come back

I really need to sleep. I’m starting to get delirious but, I just can’t risk leaving the house. I’m starting to notice noises more and more, but I can’t tell if they’re real or not. Shit, my phone is still dead. I really need to charge it…

Day 3

The day before yesterday I came home from work and there was a spoon on the counter. The counter was clean when I left for work. The questions started immediately. How did it get there? Had someone been in my house? Did they take anything? We’re they still there?

Immediately I began a full search of my house which returned nothing other than the spoon. I didn’t sleep that night, I was too nervous. I sat on bed clutching my baseball bat with the lights off all night. I called in to work yesterday and gave some generic excuse, “I’m not feeling well” I said to my boss, “I may be out for a couple of days”.

I didn’t sleep again last night. I feel like hell, but I’m too paranoid to sleep. So many questions, what if they come back? What if there is more than one? I just can’t risk it. I suppose I’ll just sit and wait. I think i had some texts to check…Fuck, my phone is dead. I really need to sleep soon, things are getting weird…

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By now most of you will have heard about the latest batshit crazy kick Russian President Vladimir Putin is on, banning all fucking foul language from fucking films, fucking music, the god damned theatre, fucking books, cultural gathering or exhibits and pretty much just fucking eliminate all the swear words people enjoy using. What the fuck?

Before we proceed I feel I must warn you dear friends that this will most certainly contain tons of swear, curses, foul language and dirty words. I personally am of the mind that words are just words and there are no “dirty” words. Thats not to say I walk around in public constantly spewing forth George Carlins list of seven (which are: cocksucker, motherfucker, fuck, shit, cunt, cock and pussy) in casual conversation. Lets take a second to reexamine that list, back in Carlins day you couldn’t utter any of those on television but I can recall recently hearing at least three of those on a basic cable station. So I’m sure other words have taken their place. After all, These times they are a changing fuckers.

Imagine just how fucking boring life is going to be in Russia. I’m not sure it was all that exciting anyway and now shit will become even more mundane. It may not be much of a stretch if you’re one of those conservative, religious fuckers that only uses swear words in the privacy of your own bedroom closet while you jerk it to animal porn but I would lose my shit if I had to stop cursing. My fucking head wants to explode just from thinking about those poor people. Only G rated movies. Having to buy all your music through Wal-Mart so it comes censored. All my favorite books have swears in them, so those would have to go. For fucks sake, what are people going to do for fun?

Speaking of fun, what the fuck are people supposed to scream during sex? You’re having a really good night, things get wild and instead of screaming “intercourse my intercoursing brains out” she screams the old stand by and in come the coppers to fine or possibly arrest you both. Batshit right?

I can not imagine living in a country without the freedom to say whatever the fuck I wanted. I fear a lot of Americans don’t truly appreciate our freedom of speech but just how free is our speech. We hear daily about our right to speak our mind but flip that coin and you’ll hear the stories of people getting in trouble for speaking their mind. So just how fucking far off are we from being in the same boat as our Russian counterparts. Our films are already subjected to a counsel of cocksuckers, looking at you MPAA, who get to determine whether or not our sheep like brains can handle the violence, nudity and if the movie would be just as good with thirty-six fucks instead of forty-one.

By this point you’ve either given up or have giggled a couple times. For those of you that may have gotten offended by my liberal use of expletives, fuck off. Offending you was not my intention but merely a happy side result. For the rest of you still hanging in there with me, wondering if theres a point buried amongst the swears and curses, not really. It was late, I was listening to nineties music and felt like writing. Hopefully you’ve enjoyed reading. Till next time friends, stay entertained.



Thanks cinephiles

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This month will be our one year anniversary here at YDKSAF and we would like to say thanks to you wonderful people for sticking with us. So this month we will be giving away some movies to you wonderful people, digital copies, a couple of dvds and maybe some blu-rays, if we can find it in our meager budget.

To kick things off we’ll be giving away a digital copy of Man of Steel, one of our favorites from last year. How do you win, simple, all you have to do is comment on this post, like our Facebook page or tag us on Twitter with the hashtag #ManOfSteel. Any one of those or all three. We will choose one of you at random. Thanks again for your continued support and till next time friends, stay entertained.



A Hard Truth

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Starting from the time I became aware of my surroundings and was able to begin comprehending the world around me in the simplistic manner of a child, I have been inundated with religion. Whether it be the importance of having beliefs, or something as simple as being quoted scripture in relation to a situation, it has always been there. You see, I grew up in the heart of the Bible Belt and down here, religion is not just a part of life but, rather a part of society as a whole. The town I’m from has a population of less than than two thousand, is roughly four square miles, and has upward of 15 churches. Our nearest larger city has upwards of triple that number. Religion is not a choice around here, it is something you are burdened with the obligation of accepting or facing ridicule and shame and the hands of believers.

In the area I’m from you are either a believer in God or you are looked down on as a heathen or a worshiper of Satan, depending on who is doing the looking. That’s right Atheists, if you don’t believe in anything, you worship the Devil…let that sink in for a minute. That pretty well explains the level of logic and reasoning, and common sense for that matter, here and most other small towns im sure. Blindly accepting these deeply held, yet incredibly fragile, beliefs is expected and “God” forbid you stray.

I said all that to give a bit of better understanding on the experiences I’m going to talk about now. Religion is something that I’ve struggled for most of my life. Even from a young age I always had these feelings that what everyone was talking so much about was kind of untrue to a certain degree but, like a good little sheep, I didnt give that too much thought and just went on following blindly. Side note, my parents divorced when I was around three and a half and lucky for me they were both religious so along with two Christmases, I got two churches. They both remarried pretty quickly and both to, how should I say, assholes. Shortly after my dad’s new wife moved in, the abuse began. She began a regimen of daily beatings, with belts, hands, or whatever was handy, for any little reason or for no reason at all. Now, for a four to five year old thats a bit excessive but, what do I know, I don’t even believe in “God”. I don’t want to give the wrong impression and think this is turning into a “sad bastard, feel sorry for me” pitty party, quite the opposite. The point is, I can clearly remember wishing and praying even at such a young age that “God” would make it stop. Surprisingly, that never happened and it took the legal system to set that situation straight. Shocker, I know.

Ok, back to the main subject. Clearly, my struggles with religion and disbelief began pretty early on and with good reason. The older I got, the more the feeling of disbelief, and alienation because of it, grew. The deeper into my teens I got it became more and more difficult to feign enthusiasm and the more I hated myself because of every belief that had ever been forced upon me. I had doubts and therefore I was a dirty, broken, worthless sinner who was doomed to an eternity roasting in hellfire, so they say.

When I was a senior in high school though, something changed. Towards the end of my senior year I began attending a church with some friends of mine and it seemed like it finally all clicked for me after all those years. I had belief and even more than that, I had faith. I felt like I belonged, like I had found a second family…like I was on the right track. It didnt take very long, though, before all those old doubts and feelings of inadequacy crept back up. A few moths later I left that church and took a sort of sabbatical from church and began to explore my personal thoughts and beliefs and really attempt to find myself, because everybody knows that once you turn eighteen you become the person you will be for the rest of your life, right? Right? Anybody?

I tried my hand at church a couple of more times over the next few years with all attempts being unsuccessful. Then, everything changed. A few years ago I met the mother of my child, now my estranged wife. Once we found out we were having a baby, I felt some sort of paternal instinct to raise my child with religion. When he was born, my world changed. I really began to think as I looked down at this helpless little bundle of happiness that there may be some divine purpose, some grand order to the universe and we began attending church regulary and actually got very involved for two full years until about a year and a half ago. After we stopped attending, I really began to take a look at my beliefs and more importantly, to really critically question them all for the first time. After months of introspection, I came to the conclusion that I have no beleifs, at least of the religious variety. It was a hard truth to come to grips with, growing up the way that I did.

I spent 25 years trying to accept the beliefs that were pushed on me. Trying to accept creationism and divine purpose and the afterlife only to realize that I thought it was all a cleverly conceived lie. Now, at nearly 27 years of age I am struggling to make peace with the fact that there is nothing after this. The fact that this life is all I get to enjoy the people and things that I love. That I only get one lifetime to spend with my son who I love and adore more than the very breath of life, for whom I would give my remaining years if it gave him more life to enjoy. This revelation is not one that makes me sad or discourages me, instead it makes me savor every day, every minute that much more. There are times when the idea of death scares me more than anything ever has and then there are times when I think about how poetic it is that when that day finally does come, my atoms and molecules will disperse out into the universe that one day some of them might re-form as something else. These are the things that give me peace now. These are the things that comfort me through difficult times, in addition to good conversation with good friends and family. I don’t need a fairy tale to make me feel better, life is more beautiful without it anyway.

Til next time friends…


Significant Shit

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Hey guys, nothing too in depth just kinda wanted to drop a line and recognize some noteworthy films I had seen lately. Some new, some not so new but all worth your time/money. So here we go…

American Hustle
The Wolf Of Wall Street
Dallas Buyers Club
Out Of The Furnace
Delivery Man
47 Ronin
Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues
12 Years A Slave
The Counselor.

Planning on dropping some in depth posts on a few of these but for now, time is of the essence. Til next time friends…