17 Days: Part 3

Posted: June 13, 2014 in Uncategorized
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Day 9 or is it day 10?…

Still no sleep. I boarded all of the windows and barricaded the doors, but I still don’t feel safe. I heard noises outside…I heard what they were saying. They’re plotting against me, I know it. The people I’ve always assumed were normal, quiet neighbors are plotting to kill me.

I’ve developed a system for eating and using the bathroom so I don’t have to leave my bedroom anymore. I’ve blocked the door in here too. I found a few things in the house besides my baseball bat to use as a means of protection.  I would like to see them try to get me now.

That goddamn spoon. It’s wrecked my whole life. I haven’t been to work since I found it. What the Fuck is that smell? I be they’re probably trying to get me to come out by piping in this smell. I should really call work. Fuck,  my phone is still dead…

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