The Wolf Of Wall Street

Posted: March 27, 2014 in Movies, Op-ed, Reviews
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Hey guys, I know its been kind of a quiet month here at YDKSAF but, to be honest, doing five straight months of themes and almost daily posts kind of tired us out a little bit. We will be back at full force in April or May I promise. In the meantime, I bring you The Wolf of Wall Street. This is the latest film from Martin Scorcese and finds the legendary director dealing with subject matter that he handles like no other…crime and the more unsavory groups of American society.

Wolf is an adaptation of former stockbroker, drug addict, and con artist Jordan Belfort’s autobiography of the same name. Only some of the names and actual events have been changed to protect the guilty and you know, avoid huge lawsuits. Obviously some elements have been changed for dramatic effect but, for the most part, it is spot on to the actual events that took place.

Jordan Belfort was a middle class kid from The Bronx who had aspirations for much, much more. He manages to swing an entry level position at a large brokerage firm where he meets an experienced broker who shows him the ropes until the market crashes and the company closes. He quickly finds a job trading penny stocks and becomes a hot shot eventually starting his own firm to rip off the rich instead of the middle to lower class. He soon develops a taste for drugs, hookers, and general debauchery. Nothing could possibly go wrong, right?

Stellar performances all around, specifically Leonardo Dicaprio and Jonah Hill, make the daunting three hour run time fly by, barely feeling like 90 minutes. Scorcese falls back into his niche this time around after a couple of unsatisfying forays into psychological horror and childrens films. The whole experience is an enjoyable one and is worth multiple viewings. Give it a look to see a director who is back on top of his game. Til next time…


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