I wanted to wait until after the Oscars to write this discussion of Dallas Buyers Club. After having watched this film I was ninety percent positive that McConaughey and Leto would walk out with awards but waited to see if the film would capture the Best Picture award as well. As we know now, that honor went to 12 Years A Slave a movie based on the novel 50 Shades of Grey I think…I haven’t watched it yet.

So heres Ron Woodroof, your stereotypical homophobic, redneck Texan banging chicks, doing drugs and placing bets on the rodeos. Then theres Rayon, a down on her luck tranny who likes to chase the dragon in her spare time. Two lovable characters with nothing in common…or so it would seem. Turns out they both have the HIVy and things get out of control when these two cats from different sides of the tracks meet in the middle…sorry Failure To Lose A Guy To Ghosts Of Girlfriends Ten Days Past Launch is on and I got distracted.

So Ron has the HIV in 1985 and is told he has thirty days to live. He doesn’t accept that shit cause he’s a man god dammit and he sets out to cure or kill himself. Big drug companies are trying to push through dugs that are killing more people than they are helping, which they see as one way of curing the patients. Ron ends up in Mexico where he finds drugs and supplements that actually help but aren’t approved by the FDA back in the USA. Ron and Rayon form a partnership and start helping others but this isn’t Disney, our heroes aren’t Magic Johnson and we all know this story doesn’t have a happy ending kiddies.

With amazing transformations from two stars and outstanding performances from all, Dallas Buyers Club is an amazing movie. McConaughey and Leto both get lost in their respective characters in this low budget, independent film that was years in the making and worth the wait. Till next time friends, stay entertained.




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