Talking Kevin Smith

Posted: January 31, 2014 in Movies, Op-ed
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If you’ve read anything we’ve posted this month then its no secret that Kevin Smith is one of our favorite directors/storytellers. Not only has he entertained us with his films but his Q&A’s and multiple podcasts have provided us with hours of laughs as well as an insight to his world. Easily he makes it to the top of the list of the hardest working lazy film makers in the business. We here at YDKSAF couldn’t think of a better way to end to our month long discussion of Mr. Smith than to include an excerpt from our interview with Kevin Smith. That would have been wonderful, the only trouble with that is we’re a small blog/website and Kevin Smith is far beyond our reach. That being said friends I decided to go ahead and do the interview with my cousin who’s name just happens to be Kevin. So here you are friends, my interview with A Kevin Smith…

D. Smith: Thanks for taking the time to sit down and talk to us Kev, I know you got a lot going on.

Kevin Smith: No problem cuz. You got beer?

DS: So this year Clerks celebrates twenty years since having been birthed from your directorial loins, how, do you feel, you have changed as a film maker in that time?

KS: I told you I wasn’t going to do this when you asked me D. I told you that there was no way I was going to answer questions like A-list director Kevin Smith and you said “thats cool, come hang out anyway”

DS: Right on, right on. So Clerks is sold and now they want to give you a considerably bigger budget to make Mallrats, how did that influence your decisions on casting?

KS: Look, you said we were going to hang out, watch some movies, drink some beer and maybe play some Xbox. Can we please just stop this shit and see whats on netflix…you know this is why no one else in the family talks to you anymore.

DS: Wow, I would haver never thought that about Jason Lee, wild story. Next up was Chasing Amy, arguably one of your best films and again you used personal experiences as the basis for your story. Was it hard seeing intimate moments from your life acted out?

KS: Well as I’ve said before, I’ll watch Affleck read the fucking phone book, thats just how good of an actor that cat is….

For the rest of the interview you’ll have to wait until my cousin is speaking to me again or we score a chat with the actual Kevin Smith.

Well friends that about does it for now from the View Askewniverse. Many thanks to all of you out there for giving two shits about the things we write about, we’ll try to keep it interesting. Till next time friends, stay entertained


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