Cop Out

Posted: January 30, 2014 in Movies, Op-ed, Reviews
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“You’ve just been had by White Lightning…and Black Thunder!!!! A couple of dicks”. Tonights entry, our last new discussion on this months highlight of director Kevin Smith, is the one and only film directed by Smith that he didn’t write. Written by the Cullen Brothers and originally titled A Couple of Dicks, Cop Out came along at a time in Smith’s career when he was admittedly a little lost and burned out following the disappointing theatrical performance of Zack and Miri. He decided to take on directing the film because it gave him the opportunity to direct one of his heroes, Bruce Willis, and he basically thought it would be fun.

Cop Out follows Jimmy and Paul, Bruce Willis and Tracy Morgan respectively, two detectives who get caught up in a bad situation while staking out an electronics store. Jimmy’s most prized possession, a mint condition 1950’s baseball card, that he was planning to sell to pay for his daughter’s wedding is stolen while the place is being robbed. The card ends up in the hands of Poh Boy, personal favorite Guillermo Diaz, a big time criminal. There is also a pretty hilarious subplot involving Paul’s wife , Rashida Jones, who he suspects of being unfaithful.

Ok, so this is not my favorite Kevin Smith film. That’s not to say it’s bad, it’s just not my favorite. Given, it wasn’t written by Smith and he does his absolute best to put his own personal touch on it, succeeding for the most part. You can definitely tell that he was involved in a major way, it just lacks the same wit and heart of a Smith original. Don’t get me wrong, this movie is hilarious and has it’s fair share of memorable moments and performances but, there is nothing like Smith directing his own script.

This film boasts a solid cast, a solid script, and a solid crew. I thoroughly enjoyed this film just not as much as a Smith original. In my opinion, very few tell a story quite like Smith. This was a nice little pit stop, but I’m glad Smith went back to originals after this. Definitely worth a watch if you missed it and I hope you enjoy. Til next time…

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