In 2006 Kevin Smith answered the prayers of fans when he gave us his first official sequel with Clerks 2. Finally after catching a glimpse of Dante and Randall in Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, we get to see what they’ve been up to all these years. Did Dante pick Caitlin or Veronica? How did Randal handle the transition from VHS to DVD? Did Jay fuck anything that moved? Speaking of Jay, did he and Silent Bob burn through their entire motherfucking movie check buying plane tickets? We’ll answer a few of those questions here today but for the rest you’ll have to watch the for yourselves…bunch of savages…

Dante shows up for work only to discover the Quick Stop going up in flames due to some terrorist activity or Randal leaving the coffee pot on again, either way they’re out of a job. Flash forward year and we find the guys working at Moobys, the golden calf of fast food chains. Once again Dante has found the love of a good woman and is preparing for a move to Florida with his fiancé. Randal is still there as his ever present hetero life mate laying waste to LOTR geeks and fighting for his right to say whatever he wants. Jay and Bob are still slinging weed outside, only now they’re clean and sober and new addition Elias enlightens us on the subject of pussy trolls. Then theres the best manager in the world, Becky who is always eager to debate “ass to mouth” etiquette. Amidst a love triangle, dance number and exhibitions of inter-species erotica, we have another great story that ends where it began.

Eleven years after the original and the characters are still entertaining to watch. Jeff Anderson as Randal has always been a favorite of mine and keeps me hopeful that in the third installment, maybe he’ll find love. For now this is the last of the View Askew/Jersey films featuring our favorite trench coat wearing weed peddlers but knowing that Smith has written the script for Clerks 3 keeps us hopeful. If you’ve loved his movies like we have then you’ll enjoy this one as well. Till next time friends, stay entertained




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