Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back

Posted: January 21, 2014 in Movies, Op-ed, Reviews
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“Fuck Jay and Silent Bob, Fuck them in their stupid asses”. With ‘Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back”, Kevin Smith set out intending to make a fun, uptempo, controversy free film following the intense scrutiny of his previous film, ‘Dogma’. For the most part, it worked. This time around Smith had a big budget, cameos by everyone from Mark Hamill to Gus Van Sant. Main characters Jay and Silent Bob, who, up until this point, were minor characters or featured supporting characters, finally got their own film where they were the stars.

One day in Jersey, Jay and Bob are doing their thing outside the Quick Stop when they finally push Dante and Randall over the limit. They call the cops and get our brave heroes banned from the store. During conversations with other people from the Askewniverse,  they find out that there is a movie being made based on the comic book characters that are based on them and their not even getting paid. After discovering the internet and the shit talkers who dwell there, they get mixed up in a jewel heist, a manhunt, and several other hijinks on their way to Hollywood to stop the movie from being made.

This movie was released shortly after I turned 14 and was my first exposure to Mr. Smith…it was the perfect film to open the door for me. It was funny, it was filthy, it was crude and it was something my mom hated so naturally,  I loved it. It led me to dive into Smith’s filmography and discover what would become some of my favorite films of all time. At that point in my life, the world was a pretty tumultuous place, both personally and in a big picture kind of way. I was going through puberty and some pretty serious inner turmoil because of that. Also, September 11th had just happened and the world was trying to deal with the fear and insecurity that came out of it. This was just the kind of film I needed to distract me from all the shit that was happening. It seems like all of Smith’s films came along just when I needed them…hmm, different topic for a different day.

Long story short, this movie is hilarious. It is a cross country adventure with your two favorite stoners getting into all kinds of terrible situations and somehow managing to come out unscathed. Like I said earlier, it is full of cameos and other characters from the Askewniverse that you had probably forgotten. If you stick around after the credits, its also a temporary end to the Askewniverse, with God Herself closing the book (that is only halfway done). Give this one a view for some good old fashioned dick and fart jokes. Til next time…


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