Disclaimer: 1) a renunciation of any claim to or connection with; 2) disavowal; 3) a statement made to save one’s own ass. We here at YDKSAF would like to state that this discussion of the film Dogma is – from start to finish – a work of comedic opinion, not to be taken seriously. To insist that any of what is written here is incendiary or inflammatory is to miss our intention. So please – before you start getting all pissy remember: if there is one floating out in space, even God has a sense of humor. Just look at the Platypus. Thank you and enjoy reading.

Kevin Smith learned the hard way in 1999 that people take their religion seriously. Smith brought us his most controversial film amidst death threats, hate mail and protests. Oddly enough this film came along at a time in my life when I was having my own issues with religion. I had been raised in one faith but was beginning to have questions about it and other religions. As we all know when you start asking questions and poking around people are super understanding…no wait, they’re usually the opposite and the answer you get is “because god said so, stop asking questions and don’t look behind the curtain.” Lets get into the thick of it and cast the first stone.

Bartleby and Loki are just a couple of banished angels looking for a good time and a way back into Heaven. They receive a newspaper clipping that sparks a road trip/killing spree across the country to New Jersey. Seems theres a loophole that would allow them to return to the kingdom and the glory and also bring about the end of existence. Thats where Bethany comes in, with the help of Jay and Silent Bob she heads out to stop them. Along the way they meet up with Rufus, the thirteenth apostle and Serendipity the muse who are eager to help. Theres laughs, some tears and Alan Rickman…what more could you want

Dogma is my second favorite Smith film. Its an entertaining look at one directors spiritual journey and at how easily humans can fuck up religion if given the chance. We’re always quick to laugh at others beliefs that differ from our own but the moment someone jokes about our beliefs we’re ready to strike them down. Did this movie help me decide which path was right for me, no but it made me laugh and showed me I wasn’t the only one that had questions. Don’t worry friends, after a few years I found what suited me best and I’m happy to tell you that I am…damn looks like I’m out of time. Oh well, till next time friends, stay entertained.




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