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Heath was going to write this but he’s been feeling under the weather, so I’m gonna fill in for him till twelve, then I got hockey at two and then I was gonna…I’m not even supposed to be here today. I mean As long as he shows by twelve then I still have two hours to make it to the park for hockey. (Sigh) I’m not even supposed to be here…

Dante is in for a hell of a day. Working on his off day, locks on the shutters have gum in them, he reeks of shoe polish and thats all before the first customer comes in to incite a riot resulting in Dante being pelted with cigarettes. Luckily his girlfriend, Veronica, arrives to save the day and all is right with Dante’s world, that is until he discovers Veronica has sucked 36 dicks…sorry 37 dicks including his. If by some chance you’ve never given this film a watch, I don’t want to give too many of the laughs away. If you enjoy raunchy humor then I encourage you to dig in.

Twenty years ago a man sold his comic collection, maxed his credit cards, begged, borrowed and did everything short of robbing banks to finance his dream. A dream of earning a living wage doing something he loved, making the kind of movies he would enjoy watching. Based loosely on The Divine Comedy and his own life, Clerks was my introduction to the world of Indie Films. It showed me a world outside the Hollywood blockbusters, one that could entertain me just as much if not more. The first time I watched Clerks, I was a clerk and could relate to dealing with asshole customers and maybe thats why it holds a special place in my cinematic heart or maybe I just have a twisted sense of humor and enjoy a good story, either way twenty years later its still making me laugh and thats one of the best compliments I can give a film. Till next time friends, stay entertained.




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