Blowing Kevin Smith: Celebrating Twenty Years of Making Movies

Posted: January 6, 2014 in Movies, Op-ed, Uncategorized
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In 1995 two important things happened in my life, three if you count graduating from high school. I was working at one of those independent video stores that used populate small towns across the country and I loved it. It was amazing, I watched movies all day at work, took movies home for free and the best part was the screeners. If your unfamiliar with screeners, they are the copies of movies that are sent to video stores so the owner can decide if they wish to buy and stock it on their shelves and they came about a month before the movie was released publicly which meant I got to see the new releases early…I still get chills thinking about it.

The reason I mention this is that the two important things came in the form of screeners. One was Pulp Fiction and the other was Clerks. Written and directed by Kevin Smith and responsible for opening my eyes to the world of independent films. its also the reason we’ve gathered you all here for our month long spotlight on Kevin Smith.

For twenty years Kevin Smith has been making a living by keeping me entertained, although thats probably just a side effect of his true intentions of doing something he’s passionate about and feeding his family. But it still remains true, for the past twenty years I have been entertained by this gentleman. I’ve enjoyed his entire body of work, yes even Jersey Girl, which I think is one of his better ventures outside of the View Askewniverse.

The main reason I’ve enjoyed his work for so many years is simple, Kevin Smith is an amazing storyteller. He gives you characters you can relate to and care about, characters you wanna hang out with, maybe grab a beer or get freshly baked. The yarns he spins are like the beautiful girl with a heart of gold and a filthy fucking mouth thats goodly enough to let you do weird things to her and even shares your twisted sense of humor.

It’s not just his movies that demonstrate his storytelling prowess. If you’ve ever caught one of his Q&A’s then you know how he can captivate an audience for hours. Answering a simple question could take all night but you don’t care because he has dragged you into his world, a world where the fantastic melds with the mundane and when its all said and done you’re left wanting more. He gives you a peak behind the curtain, a glimpse at how the magic is made and you get the feeling that making a movie with Kevin Smith is more fun than work.

So join us friends as we discuss the films of one of our favorite directors, Kevin Smith as he celebrates twenty years of making pretend for our enjoyment and the twentieth anniversary of Clerks as he takes it back where it all began, with a midnight showing at the Sundance Film Festival. Congratulations Mr. Smith and till next time friends, Snoogins.



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