A Cinephiles Night Before Christmas

Posted: December 24, 2013 in Uncategorized
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Twas the night before Christmas, And all through the houses,
Cinephiles awaited gifts, From their friends and their spouses,
The stockings were stuffed, With Directors cuts unrated,
Hoping they weren’t films, They had watched and had hated,
The children were snuggled, the Netflix fire crackling,
With visions of theater gift cards, they’d soon be unwrapping,
With the wife in her PJ’s, to the bedroom we did creep,
Not for that you pervs, we just wanted to sleep,
Then on my phone came a call from a friend,
“Lets hang,” he said, “and watch The Worlds End”
“Or if you want, we could watch Smaugs Desolation,
Hell if you want we’ll watch Christmas Vacation”,
As I sat and pondered, over movies to see,
An easy decision was skipping Hangover Three,
Twelve Years A Slave or Nebraska, they both seemed appealing,
From all of the options,my mind was left reeling,
Frozen, American Hustle or perhaps Catching Fire,
The Book Thief or Anchorman 2, we were down to the wire,
With so many choices, no way could I lose,
I was sure to be entertained, no matter how I choose,
3D or IMAX or a regular viewing,
Or maybe my Netflix just needed renewing,
At home or in theaters, so many choices remain,
So Merry Viewing to you friends and stay entertained.

Merry Christmas friends from our families to yours.




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