25 Films of Christmas: Jack Frost

Posted: December 23, 2013 in Movies, Op-ed, Reviews
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I imagine the writers having this conversation amongst clouds of weed smoke: Writer 1- “Dude, what if Frosty The Snowman were, like, real?” Writer 2- “Dude, what if he was your dad?” Writer 1- “That would be so cool buddy!” Writer 2- (giggling) “He’d be the worlds coolest dad.” And that children is how taglines for movies are born. What could make for a happier holiday film than the story of a father that dies and comes back as a snowman, grab your mittens and lets talk about Jack Frost.

Jack Frost (I gotta take a second here friends to say that if your last name is Frost and you think of naming your baby boy Jack cause you think its the coolest thing in life, then I pray to Batman your son puts you in a second rate nursing home when you’re older…anyway) is a struggling blues musician trying to make ends meet to provide for his family. That means that sometimes he has to miss hockey games in order to play a gig, don’t be an ungrateful little bastard Charlie at least he’s trying. Jack plans to take the family up to the cabin for Christmas but gets an opportunity that could make his career and amidst hurt feelings he decides to do what could be beneficial for his family. On the way he feels guilty, borrows a friends car and heads back home for a Christmas surprise. Theres a snowstorm, faulty windshield wiper and he wrecks the car and dies. A year later he returns as a snowman reconnects with his son and we’re left feeling warm, fuzzy and even laughing at times

Its a good watch considering for 83.7% of the film Michael Keaton is a snowman. It hits all the highs and lows that the family/comedy/drama/fantasy/Christmas film should and you can bet they hit every snow pun and joke along the way. Thats why Jack Frost gets a ranking of: A Snowdad Is Better Than No Dad. Till next time friends, stay entertained.




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