25 Films of Christmas: Miracle on 34th Street

Posted: December 20, 2013 in Movies, Op-ed, Reviews
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We’re digging deep tonight friends, way back to 1947, back when Macys department store had the real Santa in their Thanksgiving day parade. I remember the first time I watched this film with my grandfather, I started off thinking it was going to suck. There were no cartoons, it was in black and white and I’m pretty sure I had a cold or the flu that day, which always made me extra sonofabitchy. Grandpa quietened me down with a bowl of chicken noodle soup and wrapped a quilt around me. My grandpa taught me something that day, he taught me that I should give everything a chance, at least watch a little while before deciding its not for me…thanks grandpa…and now on to the show.

Kris Kringle shows up at Macys on the day of their big parade and finds the man playing him drunk. Ole Kris is pissed to say the least and rats the drunk out to the boss. They let Kris take over and he does so well they offer to let him play the role in the store. There he meets a smallish girl that has been raised by her mother to not believe in fairy tales and junk. The girls mother insist that he tell her daughter that he isn’t the real Santa Claus but he remains steadfast, insisting that he is indeed the jolly old elf. Some want him fired others love the old guy and somehow we end up in court. By the end its all sleigh bells and sugar plums.

Miracle on 34th Street was a favorite to watch with my grandpa, every year until he passed we watched it and those times are some of my best memories with him. I’ve never bothered watching the remake, could be better or worse but the one for me is this one because it takes me back. For that reason and some others, Miracle on 34th Street get a ranking of: If Thats Normal, I Don’t Want It. Till next time freinds, stay entertained.




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