25 Films of Christmas: National Lampoons Christmas Vacation

Posted: December 17, 2013 in Uncategorized
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Years ago I fell in love with National Lampoons Vacation and whats not to love. You got a family driving cross country to get to Wally World (no kids I’m not talking about Walmart) and on the way there they end up in some hilarious situations. Plus you have sexy ass Beverly D’Angelo showing off her Ta’s and while hers may not have been my first cinematic boobies I did have a crush on her for a while afterwards…(sigh)… Moving on, the Griswolds then took a trip to Europe and again our funny bones were tickled. So much craziness happened in the first two Vacation movies that the only way to top it with Christmas Vacation was to keep the Griswolds at home. This is the true story of what happens when people stop being nice and start being real…at Christmas.

Christmas is quickly approaching and the Griswolds holiday troubles start with a tree thats too big. Soon after the tree is trimmed, the family starts arriving and with them comes Cousin Eddie, the out of work, down on his luck member of the family that I’m sure we all have and of course the shitter in his RV is full. Theres sledding with the kids, decorating the house and don’t tell his family but Clark plans to have a pool put in after he gets his Christmas bonus. Unfortunately that bonus arrives in the form of a year in the jelly of the month club, which results in more hilarity. By the end everyone is filled with holiday cheer as we all join in singing the Star Spangled Banner.

Its another great Christmas movie written by John Hughes and one that brings the laughs as well as the warm and fuzzies. Its a great watch and always leaves me wanting to watch the first two Vacation films. Over the years its become a classic and one of my favorites to watch, even if Bevy D doesn’t flash the goods in this one. For those reasons, National Lampoons Christmas Vacation gets a ranking of: Hallelujah. Holy Shit! Wheres The Tylenol? Till next time friends, stay entertained.




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