25 Films of Christmas: Scrooged

Posted: December 16, 2013 in Movies, Op-ed, Reviews
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Sure its a story you’ve heard before, hell we even covered it earlier in this list but chances are there weren’t as many laughs when you watched the more serious side of A Christmas Carol. You’ve seen the ghosts in all their paranormal splendor but did any of them drive a cab or kick Bill Murray in the balls, probably not unless you were watching Scrooged. Tonights choice is another my pops introduced me to years ago and one I can watch at Christmas or any time of the year. Lets get to it.

Frank Cross is a wealthy television executive who learns the hard way that money isn’t everything in life. Along the way to learning that lesson he comes across the ghost of his dead mentor as well as the ones of Christmas past, present and future. Frank gets a second chance at lost love, finds out how important family is and learns that he who dies with the most money doesn’t always win. Even if you haven’t seen this Christmas classic you already know that by the time the credits roll lessons will be learned, hearts will be warmed and everyone will be singing. Oh and Bobcat Goldthwait gets fired, gets drunk and decides to get revenge, shotgun style.

Its a reimagining of the Dickens classic that adds some laughs and does a wonderful job of getting the message across. That message being that ghosts will not leave your ass alone until you do the right thing…or you know the greed is bad thing. Tonights movie also makes it back to back Richard Donner Christmas films and for that reason and more, Scrooged gets a ranking of: Put A Little Love In Your Heart. Till next time friends, stay entertained.




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