25 Films of Christmas: It’s A Wonderful Life

Posted: December 8, 2013 in Movies, Op-ed, Reviews
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We’re digging deep tonight friends, all the way back to 1946. Times were simpler back then, Christmas movies were about over worked, under appreciated suicidal fathers driven to the brink by a heartless, money grubbing evil old bastard…and thats just half the seasonal fun to be had. This is the story of George Baileys drunken suicide attempt and the shit that Clarence the Angel had to go through to get his wings…we join our story already in progress.

George has not had an easy life, every time he pokes his head out, life is there to rub salt in his eyes and crotch punch him. He wanted to travel and go to college after high school but had to help out with the family business, meanwhile his brother goes on to live out his dreams. He gets stuck in a dead end job, gets married, has too many kids (clearly they didn’t realize that pregnancy was a side effect of unprotected sex) and loads of other set backs but through it all he tries to remain optimistic about it and help others. Then the final straw drops and breaks the camels back. Some money is misplaced and the previously mentioned evil old bastard steals it. Without the money his business will collapse, he’ll probably do some time in the clink, kids’ll end up on drugs, wife’ll end up hooking…you know how it goes. George blows up at everyone and goes drinking, then does a little driving, ends up at a bridge, saves an angel, wishes he was never born, sees everything would be horrible if he hadn’t been and everything is smiles and bells ringing by the end.

Over the years It’s A Wonderful Life has become a Christmas classic, one of those that many people look forward to yearly, others not so much. It wasn’t an immediate hit with movie goers when it was first released which isn’t that surprising considering it is the only movie to be based on a greeting card. Its a great holiday movie that may even teach you a thing or two and thats why Its A Wonderful Life gets a ranking of: Merry Christmas Movie House. Till next time friends, stay entertained.




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