The Dark Knight Trilogy

Posted: November 22, 2013 in Movies, Op-ed, Reviews
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Films I’m thankful for.

I love Batman, plain and simple. I love the darkness and how relatable the character is on a personal level and plus, he’s just so damn cool. I have loved all of the various adaptations of Batman for as long as I can remember. I grew up with the various 90’s animated series and the Tim Burton/Joel Schumacher films from the 80’s/90’s were a huge part of my youth. Those films were just a few of the things my older brother and I actually agreed on in those days

When Christopher Nolan began his Batman series, naturally i was skeptical. When I finally saw Batman Begins, I saw that he approached it with and attached to it a gritty sense of realism that had previously evaded the character’s cinematic adaptations. For that I was very grateful. He brought a real world sensibility to the character that made you believe he could really exist. I was immediately in love with this new way of looking at Batman. Then in 2008, The Dark Knight shattered my, and undoubtedly many others as well, expectations of what Batman/Bruce Wayne and his interactions with the Joker could be. This was due in no small part to an incredible performance by Heath Ledger.

By the time The Dark Knight Rises rolled around in 2012, I was filled with nervous anticipation. I was eager to see what Mr. Nolan had in store and sad to see it go all at the same time. Nearly three hours later, my mind was sad but could not have possibly been more satisfied. Nolan very skillfully put the series to rest while giving all of the characters a fitting ending, and making the audience shed a few tears along the way. The film saw Batman facing his greatest foe yet and having his body nearly pushed to the limits of mortality in the process. Another thing Nolan did is give us yet another villain to love.

Im very thankful for this film (series) mainly because it portrayed my favorite comic character exactly the way I’ve always wanted to see him. The films also gave the public a reason to really see Batman in a serious light. I’m thankful for having such an amazing, moving, and inspiring tribute to my favorite hero. Im also thankful for having yet another thing that my older brother and I can agree on and talk about.


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