The Rocky Horror Picture Show

Posted: October 30, 2013 in Movies, Music, Reviews
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“Lets do the Time Warp again”

What can we say about The Rocky Horror Picture Show that hasn’t already been said? This film is a cinematic, musical, and pop culture phenomenon. It ignited my love for a certain campy, slightly over the top flair in cinema and music as well. Originally conceived and performed as a stage production simply known as The Rocky Horror Show by British writer and musician Richard O’ Brien in 1973, it was so popular it spawned the film adaptation. The film adaptation was such a cult hit, that it spawned a brief revival of the show this time on Broadway.

Let us dig a little deeper, shall we? Brad and Janet are a recently engaged couple who’s car breaks down in a rural area on a stormy night. Naturally the only place around to to take refuge is a creepy mansion on a hill. The sketchy hunchback butler answers the door and brings the couple in and the fun begins. After a few more colorful characters are introduced, the star, Dr. Frank-N-Furter, makes his appearance in all of his trashy, over the top glory. After that, the real fun begins. Throw in a suspicious professor, a muscly Frankenstein, a dead biker delivery man, and a colorful cast of supporting characters and you get the piece of art we know and love today.

This really isn’t a horror movie but to me the tone fits the season really well. On top of everything, its just a trashy good time. If by some random sequence of events you have never seen TRHPS, it still shows at midnight showings in theaters all over the country or you can get it at pretty much any store that sells DVDs. Give this one a watch if you want a new favorite movie.


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