Posted: October 25, 2013 in Movies, Op-ed, Reviews
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So you’ve made it this far. Survived zombies, possessed dolls, vampires, demons, aliens, infected dogs, an unseen witch, killer clowns, slashers, cenobites, ghosts, the bat shit crazy, sharks and other terrors to arrived here with less than a week left until Halloween, you’ve almost made it friends and all you have to do to make it through tonight is survive a jealous, evil car…let’s talk Christine

Before she even made it off the assembly line she already had a taste for blood. Years later she would be saved from a junk yard by Arnie, a nerdy kid, constantly bullied at school and she became his protector. Sure she had to kill a few people but they hurt Arnie. And that girl came into the picture and started distracting Arnie, she needs to go. His friends and family notice a change in Arnie and don’t like it. Arnies best friend Dennis decides its up to him to destroy Christine and save Arnie from her clutches but he kinda does a half assed job. In between all those plot points theres teen angst, young love, crushed dreams and a rocking soundtrack from days of old.

More than just a story of boy meets car, Christine is a love story and its a love thats definitely till death do they part. Directed by John Carpenter and written by Stephen King, Christine is another of those great 80’s horror movies that haunted my childhood and the main reason I never went near our car alone as a kid. For those reasons and more, Christine gets a rating of: Catch It At The Drive In. Till next time friends, stay entertained.




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