Evil Dead (1981)

Posted: October 22, 2013 in Movies, Op-ed, Reviews
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Originally conceived and shot as a short film by writer/director Sam Raimi in 1979, this full length version ripped its way into American theaters in April of 1983. Shot mostly in backwoods Tennessee in 1981 by college friends Sam Raimi, Rob Tapert, and Bruce Campbell, Evil Dead presented horror in an entirely new light. The dark, unnerving, and visceral style that Raimi and crew brought to the table changed the face of horror as we know it. The fact that it was shot on a meager budget added to the gritty realism and creepiness of the film. It also sparked a plethora of imitators that never could, or would, even come close to matching the effect this film had.

That being said, lets dig in. Five college friends take a trip to a cabin deep in the woods for a vacation from school. What could possibly go wrong? When the group finds an ancient book of spells and incantations, the answer is everything. Against what would have to be better judgment, they read from the book unleashing an ancient evil from the darkest depths of the forest. An evil that begins to possess the group one by one. Ash, the main protagonist portrayed by personal favorite Bruce Campbell, has to step up and try to save himself and his friends from the ancient evil. If by some stroke of bad luck you have never seen this film I wont spoil the rest for you, just get yourself to the store and buy it as soon as possible.

Evil Dead is not only one of my favorite horror films, but one of my favorite films in general. It is one of those timeless films that no matter how far filmmaking and special effects have come, it never loses its effect. It’s still as creepy to me today at 26 as it was the first time I saw it 20 years ago. Earlier this year, 30 years almost to the day after the theatrical release of the original film, a superb remake/re imagining of it was released having been produced by the original filmmakers. That is a whole separate discussion in itself. For a film that will make you never want to go in the woods again, you should definitely watch this gem.




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