As if I needed another reason to not go into the ocean. I never learned to swim as a kid and this film may be partially responsible. The fear of drowning wasn’t enough, now I had the fear of being eaten, not bitten, not stung but eaten by a huge, seemingly pissed and intelligent shark. Thats right gang, its time for another of those movies I saw as a kid that scared the shit out of me…Lets dive in.

Teenagers are partying on the beach at night and a couple decide to go skinny dipping, drunk boy passes out and dumbass girl decides to go in the water. If you guessed that she is the first to die then you win 50 points and a chance to go to the bonus round.

Amity is a beachside community and like most beachside towns it relies on tourism, so we get a bit of the classic greedy mayor Vs trying to do my job sheriff. Tourists continue to arrive and the shark keeps eating em. Money is offered for the arrest or capture of the shark, Mr. Holland shows up to help out and good times are had by all or people get eaten or almost get eaten and eight year old me is left not wanting to get in the ocean a week before our vacation to the beach…

Jaws is one of those great horror movies that came from the seventies, often regarded as one of the first “summer blockbusters” it features some great actors and is directed by Steven Spielberg, making this his second entry in our discussion. Not only is it a classic but without Jaws we wouldn’t have that famous duuuuuun dun duuuuuun dun duuuuuun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun, its for those reasons and more that Jaws gets a rating of: We’re Gonna Need A Bigger Boat. Till next time friends, stay entertained.




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