The idea behind this movie was based on an actual event. There was a town that decided as part of their “city beautification” program they would turn a graveyard into a park. Great idea except the man they hired to relocate the graves scammed them out of most of their money and didn’t move the bodies. With the town being nearly out of money they said “fuck it” and built the park anyway. Since the parks completion spooky events have been reported. And now you know…

“They’re Hereeee” and theres nothing you can do about it. The Freelings were living the dream. House in the burbs, 2.5 children, pets, and were in the middle of putting in a pool when it all went to hell or came from hell or however you want to put it. The point is, life was good and then freaky things started happening. Daughter sleepwalking and talking to the tv, chairs stacking themselves in the kitchen, spoons bending and the teenage daughters period is late, you know all the signs leading up to the end of days. It gets worse. The little girl is pulled through the closet and into another dimension. Parapsychologist are called and freaked out so they call the worlds smallest medium (couldn’t help myself) who helps save the girl and declares “this house is clean” but the bitch lied. The clown doll drags the son under the bed…look I’ll be honest with you friends, shit doesn’t get better for these people and the ghost wins the house in the divorce.

Poltergeist is a really creepy and scary movie and is made even more so by the fact that the skeletons used in the film were real human skeletons. Add on to that the curse that film supposedly has on it and you have one hell of a horror film and also one that provides lots of scares and zero body count…unless you count the bird, an accomplishment that few horror films hold. For those reasons and more Poltergeist gets a rating of: Watch It With A Steak Dinner. Till next time friends, stay entertained.




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