Before we begin, I would like to acknowledge that this film is not strictly horror in its truest form. Then again, what really is? Horror by definition is different with every person because what is truly horrifying changes with every person. Thankfully so, otherwise the horror genre would be very one dimensional.  That being said, lets dig in…

A few horny teens drive out of their hometown and down some sketchy back roads to hook up with a girl they’ve been talking to online. Well, things dont go exactly as planned and as it turns out the whole thing was a ruse by a local Fred Phelps esque back woods preacher (portrayed very frighteningly by the superb Michael Parks) to lure in and punish some dirty sinners. Obviously at this point things are going to take a nasty and murderous turn. After things get kind of dicey and standoffish with local police over the missing boys and a murdered cop, backup is called in. An ATF agent and cult expert (played by one of my personal favorites, John Goodman) is called in to negotiate. Things get progressively worse and as you can guess alot of people die.

This was the first deviation from comedy by Kevin Smith, a longtime favorite of mine. He took a pretty big chance going this far out of the genre that made him famous and the results could not be better. He took a chance and didnt lose any of his signature wit along the way. On another note, this film is truly scary because its so possible. This could really happen and it wouldnt take much to push one of those extremist/fundamentalist groups over the edge to begin doing this kind if thing. Also, this film is on netflix instant so if you are curious but too cheap to buy the blu ray or DVD you can still give it a chance.




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