The Strangers

Posted: October 13, 2013 in Movies, Op-ed, Reviews
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“This film is based on true events”…kind of…well a little…fine, not at all.

The fact that this film was not based on actual events does not take away from the creepy factor at all. A troubled couple staying at a remote cabin in northern California are terrorized by mysterious assailants. The couple (Scott Speedman and Liv Taylor) return to a friends cabin to work out some issues after a wedding. Shortly after arriving a mysterious woman shows up asking for someone who doesnt live there then leaves. Surprise, surprise, shit goes way south from there. Three people in creepy ass masks show up and wreak mental and emotional havok on the couple and the rest is pretty much an edge of your seat, cover your eyes scarefest. The writer/director does a fantastic job of making the antagonists as ambiguous as possible. They never get a face or even a real motive, so they get a pure evil kind of vibe.

“Why are you doing this to us?”
“Because you were home”

This movie has a intense creepy factor. It’s shot in a vintage style that multiplies the creepiness to “make you never want to be home alone ever again” levels. Unfortunately, this movie wasn’t very popular when it was released.  Most likely due to the fact that it was more mental and emotional horror as opposed to the overly gory “Torture Porn” genre that was poular at the time. For a scary good time that will most likely make you sell your cabin in the woods, give this one a watch.



  1. I usually don’t get freaked out by horror movies…but just the radio trailer for this movie creeped me out.

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