John Dies At The End

Posted: October 9, 2013 in Movies, Op-ed, Reviews
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Reading the following review will reveal the awful truth behind this film, assuming you don’t go utterly insane in the attempt…Just so you know, I apologize for anything that’s about to happen.

I was spending my usual thirty minutes browsing through Netflix for something to watch a few months ago and was ready to give up my indecisive searching when I stumbled across this film. I’ll be honest with you friends, the title was all I needed to make the decision to watch it, I didn’t read the description, I just hit play and took my chances. By the time the credits rolled I was glad I had.

Okay so John Dies At The End is more of a horror/dark comedy than a traditional horror film, I’m hoping you’ll enjoy it enough to forgive me. I promise theres more “scare you shitless” around the corner. In the meantime lets talk story. John Dies At The End centers around two friends, Dave and John (yes that John) and their attempts to stop evil while dealing with the side effects of Soy Sauce, the newest street drug that all the cool kids are doing. These side effects include but aren’t limited to: the ability to transcend time and space, the ability to use a bratwurst as a cell phone, erectile dysfunction, knowing shit you have no possible way of knowing and the list goes on. Theres monsters, mustaches, ghost doors and all sorts of other crazy shit along the way to battle the ultimate evil.

I enjoyed this movie enough to buy the book and while some stuff is left out, it ends up being a good adaptation. For having a great title and backing it up with a good story and some Evil Deadesque special effects John Dies At The End gets a rating of:Watch It or Incur The Wrath Of Korrok. Till next time friends, stay entertained.



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