Wanted: Childrens Entertainer
Clown preferred, must provide own balloons
Soul sucking entities need not apply.

Tonights discussion comes with a special shout out to my good friend and partner in crime Heath, who loves clowns…this ones for you brother…

What child at some point in their life hasn’t been afraid of clowns. Painted faces, wild hair in unnatural colors, oversized shoes and they’re always loud…whats not to love. Take all that and turn it into a killer that knows your darkest fears and always finds a way to catch you alone, thank you Mr. King for taking away those pesky sleep filled nights.

Being a miniseries you know its packed with talented actors. From the soft spoken Richard Thomas as Bill to the very funny Harry Anderson as Richie, the amazing John Ritter as Ben, everyone does a wonderful job of bringing this story to life. I couldn’t talk about this movie and actors without bringing up Tim Curry who plays Pennywise the Clown. Its hard to imagine anyone else in the roll of the murderous clown. There are some other great “I didn’t know he/she was in this” actors that show up but lets move on to the story.

Seven childhood friends reunite to finish what they started as kids, to kill whatever is responsible for the missing children in Derry. The movie switches between the friends as adults and flashbacks to when they were kids and faced this evil the first time. A few of The Losers Club fall along the way before the final confrontation, where we see the true form of Pennywise…or do we?

Clocking in at three hours and twelve minutes it can be a bit much to take in one sitting. Being made for tv it has to rely on more than gore to score the scares. A great cast, not straying too far from the source material and still being able to deliver some frights are some of the reasons that IT gets a rating of: Watch IT with someone who has Coulrophobia. Till next time friends, stay entertained.




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