The Blair Witch Project

Posted: October 5, 2013 in Movies, Op-ed, Reviews
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Which is worse, the evil we know or the evil we never see until its too late? Zombies, serial killing dolls, at least you know whats coming for you and you could possibly try to form a plan of attack or at least defense but with the unseen evil all bets are off. Sure you hear the noises, maybe even see a shadow here or there but by the time you find out what you’re up against its over…you’re fucked…

While it may not have been the first food footage film, The Blair Witch Project is largely responsible for bringing it to the mainstream and making it popular. For a brief period this film convinced people that these three college kids had disappeared in those woods and that some malevolent entity was responsible for it. An entity that remains unseen for the entire film, leaving it to your imagination and if your imagination is anything like mine, thats the last place you want anything left.

If you’re unfamiliar with The Blair Witch Project, heres the story: Three college kids decide to film a documentary based on the urban legend of the Blair Witch. They pack their gear and after talking to some locals, head out into the woods where the creepy-o-meter starts pinging. Things start going bad and don’t stop until the credits roll. The actors do a great job of pulling you into to their paranoia and you find yourself believing that this could be real.

Without The Blair Witch Project would we have Cloverfield or Quarantine or Paranormal Activity, possibly but this film definitely helped to pave the way. Made for under thirty thousand and hauling in over two hundred million, filmed in eight days on a camera they returned to the store for a refund make The Blair Witch Project one of the most successful films made. The story and concept make it a great watch anytime but even better this time of year. For those reasons and more The Blair Witch Project gets a rating of: Watch It On A Camping Trip…With Friends. Till next time friends, stay entertained.



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