Childs Play

Posted: October 4, 2013 in Movies, Op-ed, Reviews
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My Buddy, My Buddy, where ever I go he goes…I can’t talk about films that gave me a couple of sleepless nights as a kid without mentioning Childs Play. A childs toy possessed by the soul of a serial killer, good times. My cousin had one of those My Buddy dolls and it creeped me out even before I watched the movie, afterwards I wouldn’t go near that creepy little bastard. If you only know Chucky after he fell prey to the horror/comedy genre, then allow me to reintroduce you to Charles Lee Ray…

The Lakeshore Strangler was just out for a good time, minding his own business, when out of nowhere Detective Norris decides to try and arrest him for “murdering” some people. The chase ends in a toy store with our friend Charles dying from a gunshot wound. Desperate and not ready to shuffle off his mortal coil, our friend Charles grabs the most logical thing, a Good Guy doll. After performing a Voodoo ritual to transfer his soul into the doll, the store is struck by lightening and burns to the ground and we’re left wondering if the spell worked…it did. Chucky the killer doll is born. People are killed, no one believes the kid and fun is had by all.

Childs Play is just as good twenty-five years later. The scares still hold up even if it doesn’t follow the rules of other eighties horror movies, theres no group of drunk teens trying to find a quiet spot to get naked, instead theres just Chucky trying his best to get his soul back into a human body. For that and For still making me hate those damn dolls years later, Childs Play gets a rating of: Watch It With Your Kids Next Time They Want A Cabbage Patch Kid…stay entertained friends.




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