Night Of The Living Dead

Posted: October 3, 2013 in Movies, Op-ed, Reviews
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If you are like me then this is the film that launched your love of the undead. And whats not to love about corpses coming back to life with the most basic of primal instincts, the need to feed. I was eleven the first time I watched this film. It was around Halloween and my older brothers were staying up to catch it on the late show. After bugging them into letting watch it with them, I also had my first memorable nightmare that night. They were coming to get me…and they did. It wasn’t until many viewings and years later that I picked up on the social commentary of the film, which made me enjoy it on a whole new level. Lets take a ride…

A nice ride out to the graveyard to visit a fathers final resting place goes bad for brother and sister, Johnny and Barbra, when reanimated corpses rise from the grave and seek to feed on the living. If you’ve never seen this film then this is a great time of the year to give it a watch. As always I’ll try not to spoil anything for you but honestly theres not much to spoil. A group of people wind up at a farmhouse trying to survive the living dead until help can arrive, some are assholes, tensions mount and the dead keep coming. The true colors of the time shine through in the message behind the movie.

Five years shy of celebrating its fiftieth anniversary, Night of the Living Dead is still one of the most influential films of the genre. Filmed in 1968 on a low budget with minimal special effects and actors that weren’t mainstream, this movie could have slunk to the bottom of the B-movie graveyard but instead it bit and clawed its way to the top and remains one of the best films I’ve ever watched. One of my top three horror and top five films, Night of the Living Dead gets a rating of: Watch it, Love it, Own it. Till next time, stay entertained friends.




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