Parker or Whose ass is Statham kicking in this film?

Posted: September 17, 2013 in Movies, Op-ed, Reviews, Uncategorized
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The answer to that question is: nearly everyone. If you haven’t watched Parker yet then here’s what you need to know. It has Jason Statham in it. Aside from that the story goes like this… Statham plays the title character of Parker, a thief with a code of ethics, think of a more ass kicking Robin Hood. He hooks up with four other guys to do a job, jobs done, there’s a double cross, Parker is left for dead and the rest of the movie is classic Statham. Now let’s talk actors…

Michael Chiklis, after watching him turn in performances in both Fantastic Four films and then as a father with super powers in No Ordinary Family, it was refreshing to see the bad ass Chiklis from The Shield that we all know and love. Having not watched many trailers for this film, it was a pleasant surprise when he turned up. Jennifer Lopez, it was kind of nice seeing her in a film where she wasn’t really playing the romantic interest, instead she’s cast as a down on her luck real estate agent. She’s not Jenny Fromdablok here, she’s just a frustrated, in debt divorcee who steals the right client from a rival agent…and they even find a reason for her to strip down to her delicates. Nick Nolte, the other surprise actor in this film, not because his few minutes of screen time were astounding but because I wasn’t expecting it. Mr. Nolte (did you know he was 72…me either) did what he does best, talked tough and gravely and made me want to watch 48 Hours again. And now to the man himself, Jason Statham. Whether he’s saving a little girl, delivering the goods, keeping his heart beating or playing sidekick to Sly, Jason Statham is entertaining to watch and this time around he even tries on a Texas accent. Every film of his that I’ve watched, I’ve enjoyed and this one is no different. He gets the bad guys, drops a one liner here and there and in the end it’s peaches. Is he being typecast as the ass kicking action hero, perhaps, but look at those who have come before him Schwarzenegger, Willis, Stallone…They’ve done pretty well in that role and as long as he stays away from the Van Damme end of the spectrum I think he’ll be okay.

All in all Parker was a fun watch, asses were kicked, things exploded and revenge was served cold. If you’re looking for a high society drama or a Nicholas Sparks love story then this isn’t for you but if you’re looking for an entertaining action flick with great actors and a decent plot based on a Richard Stark novel then this is the film for you and the reasons I give Parker a rating of: Catch It On Netflix. Till next time, stay entertained friends.




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