Now You See Me

Posted: September 12, 2013 in Movies, Op-ed, Reviews
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Now You See Me has many points that piqued my interest. It has, first and foremost, an interesting concept. Add to that a stellar cast and a very stylistically and visually tallented director and you get a recipe not only for success but for a solid film. As it turns out, the results are…fantastic.

Films such as this are the reason I watch movies in the first place. Films that grab your attention and captivate your imagination. This film does both quite immediately. The cold open introducing the four main characters snags your attention and makes you like them immediately. Soon after, the film starts making you ask questions in the best possible way.

All through the film up until the last few minutes, the questions continue to build. It is very deceptively executed though to keep you from getting too close to the answers. Just when you think you have your finger on the answer, the ground drops out from under you leaving you wondering again. Unsurprisingly, magic takes center stage here in all of its various forms. The film centers around 4 stylistically different magicians who come together under an unknown leader for ambiguous reasons, unknown even to them, all the while being pursued by various government organizations.

One of the highlights here, of which there are many, is the great cast. The main group, Woody Harrelson, Jessie Eisenberg, Dave Franco, and Isla Fisher, are an unkikely pairing but they work perfectly together. Their chemistry is nothing short of cinematic gold. The main antagonist is portrayed expertly by Mark Ruffalo, as if you would expect any less from him. The supporting cast is also expertly assembled, being rounded out by huge names such as, Morgan Freeman, Michael Caine and lesser known names in Michael Kelly, rapper Common, and Melanie Laurent.

This incredibly crafted script is beautifully directed by the always great Louis Leterrier, whose Incredible Hulk adaptation is one of my favorite comic book adaptations. He has a way with making visuals just immediately draw you in. He is a perfect fit for the sleight of hand, distract you from the obvious vibe that runs through the entire film. His direction perfectly fits the vibe that the script sets up.

Solid cast, fantastic direction, a more than solid script, and a twist ending that you will quite literally never see coming make this a must see film. It is sure to make it on to your top films of the year list, It has already made mine.

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