Blue October: Sway

Posted: August 31, 2013 in Music, Op-ed, Reviews
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“Cause we feel high as fuck and everything is good”

Before sitting down to write this review I decided I’d see what other fans thought of it…there are some pretty pissed off people out there. “Fans” claiming this isn’t Blue October and that a happy Justin equals bad music and asking wheres the Blue October from Foiled. Wow. If you enjoy “cookie cutter” music then perhaps you should try pop and not a band that, in my opinion, evolves with each album. Anyway lets review an album.

One of the things I love most about this band is the emotion that each album delivers. You can feel everything that lead singer Justin Furstenfeld was going through when the songs were written. The album leads of with “Breath, It’s Over”, haunting vocals, beautiful strings and great way of saying, “we’ve been through some shit but the bad times are over, lets have some fun.”

I’m not gonna waste your time friends by trying to do a track by track breakdown because I honestly enjoy every song. The title track “Sway” reminds us to enjoy the little moments in life because “we only have an hour or so”. From the driving baseline on “Hard Candy” to the amazing vocals on “Not Broken Anymore” this album delivers for old fans and will hopefully attract some new ones. All in all I give Blue Octobers Sway a rating of: Buy This Album.

I’ll be catching Blue October next week in Atlanta as they tour in support of their new album. They are truly one of my favorite bands to see live, have seen them many times before and they put on a hell of a good show. Till next time friends, stay entertained and thanks for checking us out.


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