Flashback review: A.F.I.-Sing The Sorrow

Posted: August 25, 2013 in Music, Op-ed, Reviews, Uncategorized
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It has now been ten years since the release of A Fire Inside’s (AFI for short) masterpiece album, Sing The Sorrow. This flashback review is inspired both by the fact that they have an album releasing in just under two months, and that I just recently got my hands on the uber limited edition hard bound book version of the album being reviewed. Their soon to be released album, Burials out October 22, promises to be yet another masterpiece but that is another subject for another time. Now on to the subject at hand.

Sing the sorrow, released in 2003, was both a familiar sound and a radical departure for the band. Almost gone were the days of furious hardcore rhythms and throat tearing screams. In their place were soaring, searing alt-rock melodies and lead singer Davey Havok singing his heart out more than ever before and really showing dynamic range. Electronic elements really began to creep up in a big way on this record as well.

Songs like Girls Not Grey, Death Of Seasons, and This Celluloid Dream provided starkly contrasting sounds from both each other and tracks on the bands superb previous two albums, Black Sails In the Sunset and The Art Of Drowning. This album also served to prepare longtime fans and recent converts for what was to come, the darkly melodic, new wave influenced Decemberunderground and the darkly upbeat (if that even makes sense) Crash Love.

Sing The Sorrow was a bit of a surprise to fans and critics alike upon its release even though the band showed potential for an album like this on its previous two releases. It was and is a phenomenal album that won over new fans and critics alike. It is my favorite albums from one of my favorite bands. 5/5



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