I admit it, I was late to the train on this one but the important thing is that I finally got around to watching V For Vendetta for the first time…and I loved it. I have to thank my good friend Heath, after he learned I’d never watched it he gave me his dvd copy, thanks brother.

This was one of those movies that for whatever reason I just never got around to watching. It was always on my radar, I mean after all its Hugo Weaving, Natalie Portman, The Wachowski Brothers (well at the time they were still brothers, I guess now they’re The Wachowski Siblings), John Hurt and action, explosions, classical music and head shaving. Lets dive in.

Hugo Weaving gives an amazing performance and conveys a good bit of emotion, which really says a lot considering his face is completely covered by a Guy Fawkes mask for ninety-nine percent of the film. I’ve always considered Mr. Weaving as one of my favorite actors and his performance here reconfirmed that. Then theres Miss Natalie doing her best to join the ranks of actresses who look sexy with their head shaved and along the way does a wonderful job as the reluctant but eventual sympathizer/sidekick Evey. John Hurt, Stephen Rea, Rupert Graves, Stephen Fry, there are so many great actors in this film and they all deliver great performances.

Based on Alan Moores graphic novel of the same name its a story set in the future where England is being ruled by a High Chancellor with a very stern “its my way or my men will come and make you disappear way”. Terrorist/hero V is determined to free England and maybe get a bit of revenge along the way. Evey gets caught in the middle. Some good fight scenes, some explosions and Hugo Weaving using very nearly every V word in the English language all come together to form what I thought was a fantastic film and I hate that I waited so long to watch it.

Amazing performances, great story and shaved heads are the reason V For Vendetta gets a rating of: Add To Your Film Library(if you haven’t already). Stay entertained friends.


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