The New Dead or Zombies Y’all

Posted: August 18, 2013 in books, Op-ed, Reviews
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Zombies. The Walking Dead. The Undead. Geeks. Whatever you call them, America has a fascination with them and so do I. It started the same way most every zombiephile got started, with a man named Romero and a little film he made by the name of Night of the Living Dead. After that film sunk it’s teeth into my brain I was infected for life.

Before I get to involved writing about The Man, I have to remind myself that I came here today to talk with you about a book. The New Dead. A zombie anthology. Nineteen authors, each bringing their own spin to the idea that dead isn’t always forever.

I sought out this book for two authors, Joe Hill and Max Brooks but was pleasantly surprised by the rest. There are stories of love in the time of zombies, a retelling of the biblical story of Lazarus from his point of view, a story told entirely through twitter posts and even a little necrophilia. Digging into this book each time I kept finding it harder to crawl out, each story warrants its own review but for now let me say, if you love zombies, you’ll love this book.

A great read for fans of the genre and surprisingly good and emotional for a collection of stories revolving around reanimated corpses. Its short, its sweet, its my first book review and I give The New Dead a very strong rating of: Buy it for your bookshelf. Stay entertained friends.



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