I was first interested in viewing Oblivion solely based on the striking images used on the posters. They gave the impression of an Earth long after some type of worldwide disaster/human abandonment. I’m not much of a Tom Cruise fan but he has made enough films that I liked to give this one a chance and…I’m very glad I did.

The premise is surprisingly original for a larger budget Sci-Fi/action film. It’s not the same old rehashed plot point with slightly different variables. As you have probably seen from the promotional materials, the film takes place some years after a major disaster on planet Earth and humanity bailed for greener pastures. Tom Cruise is one of two people stationed high above Earths surface to monitor the security of several very large energy converters. Naturally, things go awry and a monkey wrench is thrown in the whole system.

Tom Cruise’s performance is surprisingly good in this film. Ironically, he is more down to earth and natural than he has been in a long time. Morgan Freeman is a highlight, as always. I won’t specify who his character is as it may ruin some key plot points. Olga Kurylenko also earns an honorable mention for her very key role.

Oblivion is backed by a great cast, directed very adeptly. The script is solid, featuring an incredibly unique and original plot that is the exact opposite of derivative. This is an all around good film and is worth the time and money.



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