World War Z

Posted: July 16, 2013 in Op-ed, Reviews, Uncategorized
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As a huge horror fan, zombies in particular, it’s pointless to say how excited I’ve been about World War Z since it was first announced and staring Brad Pitt nonetheless. Then came the onslaught of rumors about how the production was troubled, rewrites, re-shoots, and pretty much anything else that could go wrong in a big budget film. That sort of killed my buzz for the whole thing a little bit. When the positive reports finally began to trickle in, I started to get excited again. Then the trailers hit and my excitement was multiplied. It’s a little late, but I finally got to watch it today so here goes nothing. I’ll do my best not to drop any spoilers.

The film starts with a typical set up introducing Brad Pitt’s character and his family. Pitt plays Gerry Lane, a former UN employee and apparently a stay at home dad, who is going about life as usual when things start to get a little strange. The reports of a global virus out break come and the action jumps off pretty quickly. Once the pace is set, it doesn’t let up for the remaining two hours.

Now, this isn’t your typical zombie flick. It adds a whole extra continent hopping world adventure element to this horror/thriller. Brad Pitt brings a certain down to earth, everyman element to the main protagonist character which is something usually missing from this genre. After a trip around the world, and some amazing visuals, with no shortage of scares this well crafted thriller reaches its end and leaves the viewer begging for more.

World War Z is a fast paced, effective horror thriller. A great script backed by stellar cast make this film well worth watching. For fans of films like 28 Days Later and Dawn of The Dead (2004) this film is right up your alley. If you’re in the mood for a scary good time your money could not be better spent. WWZ did not disappoint at all and I am hopeful about a sequel. This one gets 5/5.


  1. Despite all the flaws that this film had, especially the lack of gore and the fact it felt like 3 separate films, I still enjoyed it. More of a thriller with a zombie setting but probably the most enjoyable of the summer blockbusters I have reviewed.

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