The Purge

Posted: June 10, 2013 in Op-ed, Reviews, Uncategorized
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Being a fan of a good thriller/psychological horror film, I couldn’t miss The Purge. Very strong previews piqued my curiosity. The film starts with the pretty standard introduction to the whole concept, crime and unemployment at an all time low in 2022 America due to the Annual Purge. The Annual Purge is a yearly event in which all laws are suspended for 12 hours so that citizens can cleanse their minds and souls of all the anger and frustration they build up throughout the year.

After the introduction of the premise with some “Purge Feed” footage over the credits we finally get around to character introductions. A pretty standard introduction to all of the key characters ensues showing the main family’s ritual for protection from the night’s events. After the idealistic, if not foolish, anti-purge youngest child lets in a potential Purge victim the trouble begins. The people who were hunting him are none too happy that he’s been given shelter but if you’ve seen the preview this is nothing new.

Throughout the course of the film, we get some great scares and some well done action sequences. There are also some vaguely predictable last second lives saved. The film is also full of the standard thriller twists and turns, but they never seem to get boring. The film wraps with a great final sequence and a fairly unpredictable ending.

A good script executed by a solid cast makes for a truly entertaining experience. Though slightly predictable at times, it’s easily forgivable considering just how entertaining the film is. If you are looking for some good scares and thrills, look no further, the Purge is worth your money. This one gets a fully erect.



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