It’s Always A Good Day to Die Hard

Posted: June 9, 2013 in Op-ed, Uncategorized
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Die Hard is by far one of my favorite franchises of all time. At the very least it is my favorite action franchises because, well Bruce Willis is a stone cold badass…with a heart of gold. I will give nearly any film with the great Mr. Willis a chance but, this isn’t a love letter to Bruno (crickets…anyone?) it’s a review of the latest installment in the classic action franchise.

Over the last 20 years the franchise has turned from “everyday cop in wrong place at wrong time goes above and beyond to stop terrorist plot” to “stone cold badass kills everything with a heartbeat that is involved in terrorist plot including driving cars into helicopters”. Even though the films lost some heart in the last couple of installments they more than make up for it with awesome stunts and a bigger body count. The films have also gotten a little more formulaic in the last 2 films and A Good Day To Die Hard is no exception.

Starting out with John McClane going to Moscow to try and help his estranged son, John Jr., without the latter’s knowledge of course. In true Die Hard fashion shit hits the fan fairly rapidly with a kidnapping/rescue attempt and some great action sequences including some over the top scenes in the style of Live Free or Die Hard. Bruce still has that magic and charisma that have made us pull for McClane for the better part of 30 years all while maintaining that everyman quality. Jai Courtney is a welcome addition to the franchise as John’s eldest child John Jr. Courtney hasn’t had a lot of work but what I’ve seen indicates a promising future for him.

After a massive body count, several awesome explosions, a helicopter crash, a trip to Chernobyl and of course Yippi Ki Yay Motherfucker, this film delivers pure entertainment from start to finish. Even if it is a little formulaic it is surprisingly not predictable. Good performances and a solid script make the latest entry in the Die Hard series well worth your money. I give this one a solid 4/5 rating…or fully erect whichever you prefer.



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