Identity Thief

Posted: June 9, 2013 in Op-ed, Uncategorized
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I have been looking forward to watching this movie since it hit theaters but was willing to wait until the DVD and I’m glad I did.

Here’s the rundown: man has identity stolen, thief goes on spending spree, thief gets arrested and doesn’t show up for court date, warrant is issued and man is arrested, police refuse to help and man in jeopardy of losing job decides it’s up to him to bring thief to justice, wacky road trip comedy, cue laughs and roll credits.

If you have watched the trailers for this movie then you know all of this already and unfortunately you have seen many of the big laugh moments as well. While there are still some laughs that weren’t given away to try and pull you into the theater, most of them come from the supporting cast.

Having said that, I’ll say this, I enjoyed this film. There’s chemistry between Melissa McCarthy and Jason Bateman and both lead actors bring solid performances to an entertaining story. The supporting cast, which include T.I. and Robert Patrick do their job to move the story along and provide a couple of my favorite moments from this film. T.I. has a couple of good one liners and Robert Patrick turns crazy up a notch but perhaps it’s the love scene between Eric Stonestreet and Melissa McCarthy that really won my heart and brought a tear to my eye.

While this doesn’t quite rank up there as one of my all time, could watch it everyday favorites, it did its job and kept me entertained for a couple of hours.

So to wrap it up I give Identity Thief a rank of “Redbox one night rental”Hope you enjoy it.



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